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Doors CSE 8.2 is the ultimate shell for your TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. Run any program or game, whether TI-BASIC or Assembly, in RAM or Archive. Manage your programs using folders and an enhanced BASIC editor. Lock, archive, hide, rename, copy, delete, and create programs directly from Doors CSE. List and run Applications directly from Doors CSE. Like Doors CS and MirageOS on the TI-83+/TI-84+, this is a vital tool to enhance your TI-84+CSE experience.


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8 years, 4 months ago


9.9/10 (24 votes)


I really like this shell, and all of the things I can do with it are really cool. Could you add an option to prompt a password whenever your calculator is turned on, or even make it kind of like multiple users on a computer login screen? That would be cool.

This is a amazing program that is extremely useful. I would (and will) recommend it to anybody and everybody so they can use this amazing resource. Good job, Kerm!

As the description advertises, this shell offers everything a user or programmer needs to either build a program, or run one. Controls: 10/10 The controls are very easy to use, as it now utilizes a cursor style navigation over the mouse setup the predecessor versions of Doors had. While I enjoyed the mouse interface, I understand from Kerm's viewpoint why we are now using this cursor set up, and it works very well. Graphics: 10/10 Doors CSE has a pleasing overall look to it, with nifty icons inside menus, and the ability to display custom icons inside program headers. Usability: 10/10 From all the programs I've tried running with Doors CSE, I've run into no issues. And the beautiful thing about using DCSE, your oncalc basic editor gets enhanced to properly scroll with alpha lock enabled, and even gives you an extra line of code to view. Doors CSE also gives a myriad of libraries for BASIC and asm programmers alike, which allows us programmers to create bigger and better programs than we ever could on other calculators. Overall: DCSE will stay on my TI-84+ Color for a long time to come, and will be recommended to anyone that also has this calculator.

I very well enjoyed the DoorsCSE for my TI-84CSE calculator and it worked very well too. I do wonder though if it is possible to view not only Basic and ASM Programs on the system , but applications as well.


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