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Snake v1.3 - This version is a program specifically for Doors CSE on the TI84+C calculator. Send Snake.8xp to your calculator using TI Connect and run it by selecting it from the DCSE desktop or the TI-OS homescreen. At the start of the game select the length needed to advance to the next level and select the starting speed. The goal for each level is to eat the flies and avoid the spiders. Use the arrow keys to control the snake, press On to exit the game and press F1 to pause. Everytime you eat a fly, the snakes length grows by 1 and you get 5 points. If you run into the border, a spider, or the snake itself, you die. At random a bug may appear. Eating the bug will give you 20 points, increase your size by 1, invert the screen, and allow you to eat the spiders (+50 points) for a short time. A frog or mouse may appear at random, eat them to get 100 points and increase the snakes length by 5. When the snakes length reaches 60 (40 for short, 80 for long), the level will advance and the speed will increase. You have 3 lives to get as far as you can and collect as many points as you can.


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