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This is Office DE v3.0, a suite of programs for TI calculators. It contains three fast programs: Document DE, a word processor; Presentation DE, a presentation application; Spreadsheet DE, a spreadsheet application. Each can store up to nine files of unlimited size, bounded only by the amount of free memory on your calculator. Document DE v2.0 allows you to store up to nine files of unlimited length on your calculator. It allows you to find words or phrases within a document, scroll through it using a cool (and fast) graphical scroll bar, and edit the text. Spreadsheet DE v2.0 lets you edit a grid of cells of unlimited size as well as use formulae such as SUM( and PRODUCT( in your files. You can save and open up to nine files; edit and search functions are built in. Uses matrices so that if the program is accidentally deleted, important data can still be salvaged by reinstalling the program. Presentation DE, the third program in the suite, can import nd export Draw DE files, edit and create its own slides, and view a slide show with many possible options. Its GUI is consistent with the rest of Office DE and uses simple and intuitive controls. Finally, Draw DE is an incredible drawing program with three menus of functions for nearly twenty total drawing tools. You can draw squares, circles, lines, invert the screen, flip the picture horizontally or vertically, clear an area, draw with a pen, point on, point off, or point change tool, and many other options. Files can be shared between the other Office DE programs. Check out this amazing set of programs! Now all files are Doors CS v4.0 optimized.


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