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This classic arcade game is now on color calculators! Use the white paddle at the
bottom of the screen to bounce the ball off of the colored bricks. Breaking these
bricks scores you points - see how high you can get! If you beat your high score,
then it will be saved on the high score counter. Written in only BASIC, this game
still runs quite smoothly and quickly. There are two programs included: one for
faster calculators, and one for slower calculators.


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README.txt 2.4 KB
Use this program if you have a faster calculator/BREAKOUT.8xp 2.0 KB
Use THIS progrogram iff you have a slower calculator/BREAKOUT.8xp 2.0 KB
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3 years, 5 months ago


9/10 (2 votes)


This is what it says on the cover- it's breakout.

It looks nice, it plays nice, I only wish the paddle could move a little faster and maybe wrap around the screen rather than keep moving off screen infinitely. At least one of these issues is solved by selecting the version for faster calcs however.

9.4/10 - This reminds me of that time I was playing breakout

This game is a great showcase of what pure TI-BASIC can do. It looks just like an ASM breakout would look like with Atari graphics, just not fullscreen. I recommend using the faster version of the game, as well as DrDnar's FASTER tool for maximum difficulty!


  1. Breakout! (published 3 years, 5 months ago; 2021-01-25 15:26 UTC)