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A full 2D Minecraft clone for the TI-84 Plus CE. Includes Creative and Survival mode. ICE Source Included. v2.2


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Minecraft 2D/MC2DDAT.8xv 4.1 KB
Minecraft 2D/MCRAFT2D.8xp 37.2 KB
Minecraft 2D/README.txt 514 bytes
Minecraft 2D/Screenshot.gif 108.6 KB
Minecraft 2D/src/MC2DCSRC.8xp 525 bytes
Minecraft 2D/src/MC2DGSRC.8xp 6.4 KB
Minecraft 2D/src/MC2DMPMK.8xp 538 bytes
Minecraft 2D/src/MC2DSMOB.8xp 477 bytes
Minecraft 2D/src/MC2DSRC.8xp 7.8 KB
Minecraft 2D/src/MC2DSSRC.8xp 21.6 KB
Minecraft 2D/src/MC2DTB.8xp 512 bytes
Minecraft 2D/src/MC2DWSD.8xp 6.3 KB
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5 years, 6 months ago


7.4/10 (5 votes)


Well, at least it is the first Minecraft in ICE. Hah, you kind of beat me to making Minecraft in ICE but I can guarantee neither of us will give up! Give it your all and never give up! Scrolling worlds would be nice but overall pretty outstanding! Great job and keep at it!

This is a cool program but, as it currently stands, it's only a proof of concept/ demo to me. **PROS: *Graphics are very nice! The blocks, mobs, and the Steve character look nearly identical to the real game (though Steve looks a bit too much like Herobrine) *The controls are a bit confusing to get use to, but they feel intuitive once you learn them. (Perhaps I would switch the function of the [2nd] and [X,T,0,n] button though) *No crashes occurred while I played it. *It runs quicker than I expected **CONS: *There is no crafting so it's impossible to turn, say wood, into wooden planks. There's also no tools *No scene changing. Once your world is generated, that's all the resources you get. You can't go to the edge of the scene and load into a different scene. So if there's no stone in your current scene, you'll never get stone. *There's no map saving. Whatever you build gets lost the moment you exit it. *You have no health bar. One hit from a mob and you're dead. Granted, you respawn on the same map so you don't lose any progress but it'd be nice to have health. *Mobs are too easy to kill/ avoid. If you press the attack button when the mob is near you they just disappear, there's hardly a challenge once you know how to attack. Also, since mobs fall from the sky, you can just fill the sky with a line of blocks so they get stuck in the sky and can never reach you. This could be improved if multi-scene worlds are implemented, the mob could simply appear with the blocks when you enter another scene or they could appear from the edge of the map. *You can't travel in front/behind blocks. So if you encounter a tree, you're forced to mine the tree down rather than being able to walk past it. *The build radius is the entire screen which just encourages the player to box their Steve away from any mobs and simply build/mine from that position. I'd be nice to have a small build/mine radius around Steve so it forces the play to move him around the scene. **CONCLUSION: Although I stated quite a few cons, this isn't a bad demo (and I suggest you try it out if you like Minecraft/ Terreria), this just isn't very good at being a full game. If most of my cons could be fixed, it would make the program a definite 10/10 but as it currently sits, the best I can give it is a [6/10].


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