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This program will temporarily (until you turn it off) make your calculator about 15 to 30 % faster, and enable lower case letters.

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9 years, 1 month ago


10/10 (1 vote)


As said above, this is a program that will reduce the wait states of your calculator. For simplicity sake I'll just call it 'overclocking' (OC). There are actually 2 programs that come with this, the prgmFASTER and prgmFASTEST program. They both show up as prgmFASTEST on your calculator though. Personally I only use the prgmFASTER. The only way to properly review these programs is to test them, so that's what I did! *GRAPHING: Graphing while overclocked makes a huge difference! I graphed a very complicated equation, (X-(X^3/3!)+(X^5/5!)-(X^7/7!)+(X^9/9!)-(X^11/11!)+(X^13/13!)-(X^15/15!)+(X^17/17!)-(X^19/19!)+(X^21/21!)-(X^23/23!)+(X^25/25!)) And with no overclocking, my calculator completed the graph in 53 seconds. With prgmFASTER I got 44 seconds which is a 16% speed increase. With prgmFASTEST I got 39 seconds which is a 26% increase! (This equation just calculates sin(X) the long way) *RUNNING BASIC PROGRAMS: Overclocking Basic programs can make a significant difference in speed. I play a Basic program called SHADES (By Michael2_3B)SHADES runs very nicely and is well optimized, but after overclocking my calculator it makes the program more difficult, but more fun too. I have also used the overclocking with my more complicated, KSP-like program(CSP). CSP has a ton of code to run through and is kind of slow, but after an OC, it runs at a very nice speed. *RUNNING ASM PROGRAMS: Unfortunately, OC doesn't effect ASM programs. *CONCLUSION: Overall I really like this very useful program, although it doesn't work with ASM programs, anything non-ASM related is much quicker and more responsive. I'll say [10/10] would wreck the CSE again.


  1. Faster (published 9 years, 1 month ago; 2015-06-10 22:55 UTC)