On the Design and Usage of globalCALCnet
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Summary: CALCnet 2.2 introduced extensible, robust, and simple multi-calculator networking to the world of TI graphing calculators, but is limited to local area networks. It allows people in the same room or building to play calculator games together, share data and files, or chat. However, on its own it does not permit connection of calculators across a city or across the world, a role filled by globalCALCnet (gCn). Using inexpensive commodity hardware attached to any computer running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, gCn connects CALCnet networks despite their geographical separation. In addition, globalCALCnet allows calculators to access and use internet resources such as chat rooms, program downloads, and more. This document discusses the procedure for setting up a globalCALCnet client and provides a brief overview of constructing the different types of gCn bridge. It also details the protocols used to connect gCn clients and hubs across the Internet.
Begin: September 13, 2005
Completed: February 10, 2011
global CALCnet flowchart global CALCnet bridge global CALCnet bridge