Realized it might be interesting to see how much faster the unreleased prototypes were when running BASIC programs compared to the older CEs and the CSE, so I ran the Red Alert program I made, and you can really tell a difference. Video is only 10 seconds long, nothing overly special beyond how fast things move.
That is wild!
The CE marketing sample on the right just has the standard rev M+ speed, as far as I know (new flash, cache etc, see DrDnar's recent rant post that goes into the details)
Adri: I figured as much, but it is still fun/interesting to see in action. Smile
Oh, sure Smile
I guess it just shows how crazy slow the CSE was compared to what were used to seeing now...
The difference between the CSE and Revision M really is something, especially for something graphically intensive. Thanks for posting this, tifreak8x! If you do any further research on the relative speeds of BASIC commands/programs, I'd be interested.
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