tifreak8x wrote:
That looks amazing! Woah, this might be a winner Very Happy
Thanks! Smile Any adjustments you see? Here's the shrunken red box (right) with the original (left) for comparison.

Hm.. I'm kind of liking the left hand box, there. I think the right one makes the lettering look a bit squished in Smile

I'll have to bounce this into a pic var tomorrow when I have time to work on this again and check it out oncalc with what I've gotten working so far! Plus, a few minor edits to make to the board, since I've had to move a few of the pieces a little to make room for the 3x3 block to go under everything properly ^^;

Thank you so much! Very Happy

Did you see the list of community chest and chance cards I'm swapping? I still need ideas on the ones that aren't converted yet, if you have any time for it Smile

Just a few small edits and the addition of where the cards would normally go. Smile I might edit them to give the illusion of cards being there, not sure if it will be worth that trouble, though.
That looks tremendous, tifreak8x! Keep up the great work.
Thank you again tons for the center logo! Very Happy
Bit of progress today;

::I've removed the Help option from the main menu, that's what a Readme is for
::You can select how many players there will be, 2-4
::2 Dice are rolled for each player, calculator determines which player goes first
::You can select colors for each player, players can't have the same colors

Next phase is going to be getting it so players can roll dice, and move their 'piece' around the board, and make it so you collect 200 bytes on PRG RUN. I'm debating on using the 'tax bucket' rule, where if you land in the 'Done' box, you collect all taxes and fees collected from players, but that's something I can easily implement at a later date, after you can buy and sell properties.

I'm thinking that for F1-F5, it would be Roll - Stats - Project and whatever else I might need.

Roll would let you roll dice, of course

Stats would show you what properties you own, money, and anything else of importance I suppose.

Project would set you up with the following options:

Beta - Think houses from the game of Monopoly, option only available once all projects of an author are purchased, 4 betas will unlock Final.

Thoughts? As I think of things, I'll try to get them added up.

Edit: Also guys, there are still three authors that need filling, looking for prominent/active Cemetech members. Blue and Dark Blue has 2 projects each, Yellow has 3 projects it can list. Not just anyone can claim Blue, though, because that's supposed to be the most expensive 'properties', it needs to be something of immense amazement where projects are concerned. I'm thinking maybe Patrick Davidson should have the honor of Blue. Calcuzap and CMonster were one of the first asm games available for the CSE, and they were both awesome, so hopefully no one argues with that. So that leaves Dark blue, and Yellow.
Patrick Davidson would be an excellent choice for the Blue slots in my opinion. It's too bad there's not a third space for his most well-known classic, Phoenix. As for the other two colors, I propose that one go in a tongue-in-cheek manner to Hays Games, and perhaps the last go to Benryves? Is he on the board somewhere yet?
Benryves does indeed have spots on the board Smile


Dark Blue - Iambian: Cadan, E: Sor

Light blue - elfprince: FrogRPG, BattleField 83+, and Croquet

Pink/Purple - merthsoft: TokenIDE, Snake, Block Dude

Orange - benryves: Brass, Fire Track 2, BBC BASIC

Red - KermMartian: DoorsCS, Tetric, Invalid Tangram

Yellow - calc84maniac: Steins;gate, TI-Boy, Chip's Challenge

Green - tifreak8x: Age of Darkness, BTetris, TIFC

Blue - Patrick Davidson: Pheonix, CMonster
I've made some headway into things, it's now up to a point where I'm about to have players roll for moving around the board. I think before I do that, I'm going to have a test to make it hit each plot on the board, to make sure all my numbers are correct.

But, for your current amusement:

What do you think thus far?
Looks very spiffy, TIFreak! I see that you're keeping what seems to be swiftly becoming your signature, games with the play area at left and text and other information at right. The toolbar-type thing on the bottom also looks spiffy.
It seemed to be the most efficient use of space. Even though we've gotten a bigger screen/more resolution, space is still an issue :p

Thanks for the compliments, hoping to have it moving around the board very soon.
I have been waiting for this! A definitive Monopoly game for the color/monochrome calcs!

If only you were Revolution Software...then this would happen...

I wish they released it...

But fantastic job on what you have!
RevSoft had a lot of real cool, almost-finished projects that very sadly never saw the light of day. I think Spencer's Zelda is very high on that particular list, for one. And I agree that this will be a definitive *opoly game. Smile
I considered doing something similar to that, but I wanted to keep them similar in looks and function.
KermMartian wrote:
RevSoft had a lot of real cool, almost-finished projects that very sadly never saw the light of day. I think Spencer's Zelda is very high on that particular list, for one. And I agree that this will be a definitive *opoly game. Smile

On the bright side, the source is available for download. So, anyone with any knowledge of Asm, please step forward.

Besides the point, looking forward to this Monopoly clone for the +CSE!
Hm, should I make sprites of dice to display to the screen using Celtic's libraries, or do you think the numbers looks good enough?

I also realized I need to do some planning for code structure for the next phase so things move into the proper areas.
So, I've gotten started in adding dice sprites:

Got to add in the code for players 3 and 4 (There will always be at least 2 players, the other 2 need the special conditionals set and blah blah blah)

Looks good Very Happy How far is the project going (in terms of what you have to do)
Right now, you can roll the dice to see where you can move to. Nothing else has been implemented yet.

So, I've managed to make it move around the board. Smile Life is good in that regard. I know things on the left side aren't aligned properly, and things move along pretty fast, but eventually, it's going to display the block, and then display where you landed on the right side of the screen, tell if it's bought or available or whatever.

Just need to fix the alignment issues for the blocks.
Kind of a note to self; need to remove the code rolling the dice and tuck it away into safety, replace code that moves the color block to each property when F1 is pressed to check for other alignment issues.
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