Does anyone have a good string concatenation routine that they could share? I've been racking my brain for the past couple of hours but haven't come up with one :/

I need one that would e.g. take this string: "ARTYFLKIOXNM" and add the 5th letter to the end of e.g Str1N.

Always think "data" and not "objects". Basically, all you need to do is copy your string somewhere (like in L1) then add whatever you want at the end of your new data. Don't forget about the zero to terminate your string.
Same, if you think "data", you'll guess that you won't manage to put your new string "in" Str1N (which would be said properly as "you won't manage to get Str1N to point to your new string"), or you'd have to let free space after your original string to insert characters after it.

Try this for example:





Thanks a lot! I understand the approach now, it works perfectly!
Just wondering if you were still wanting to know how to do this in z80 Assembly?
Sure! that'd be useful for when I learn assembly Smile
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