Like many of you, way back in middle school I began programming calculators. After I got the basics down, I went online to find more information on how to make a 3D game (I had little knowledge of trig at this point in my life...). Somewhere I stumbled across elfprince13's email address (probably on ticalc) and sent him this email:

You seem to be a very avid TI BASIC programmer, and I am decent... I googled TIBASIC 3D rendering and the third page was one with this email. I really want to learn how to make a 3 game. Just a cube rotate around... if you could email me back with an example or any help at all it would be greatly appreiciated.

He responded with:

my AIM is applcl, my yahoo is elfprince13, Ill work out a demo tonight so Ill have something to work from when I help ya tomorrow

And with that I made my very first internet friend.

The next day, he directed me to a little website called, and I made this account (and haven't changed my profile picture since!). I became friends with Kerm (which I thought was his real name for a decent amount of time), calc84maniac, and many others.

I've actually visited elfprince13 in Vermont, and I'll definitely hit up Kerm the next time I find myself in NYC.

I continued programming all throughout high school, and ended up going to study it at university. I'm 20 now, 7 years more than the 13 year old who first ventured onto this site, and I'll be graduating in the spring. I have a job lined up in Seattle after graduation, so I'll be moving across the country for that.

I know that probably the majority of Cemetechers these days are not the same ones that were here 7 years ago, and my activity has waned significantly, but I just thought I'd share how Cemetech and programming have pretty much defined the course my life took!
It's good to see you around Psuedo! You should stick around some, we can always use another experienced coder Wink
That page is still there.

I'm sad that neither of my efforts to persuade you to end up my geographic vicinity have succeeded, but I'm glad to count you among my long-standing friends. Smile
Perhaps I will have to poke you sometime then. I live but a stones throw away from Seattle Smile
cool story brah

Ugh ew, why are you moving to Seattle.
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