a comment made by DJ_O intrigued me:
DJ_O wrote:

Cemetech of the future: When every Kerm post will be posted from a calculator through a full interface

what *would* cemetech look in the far future? Post below, and lets see what kinds of things can be imagined!

Cemetech of the Future: 100,000+ Active members who program calculators that run around 3Ghz.
1) OVER 9000 nikkybot-powered spammers.
2) Doors CS 1337 is released.
3) GlassOS, Pokemon Purple, Civilization Simulator 2, and computerless gCn are available.
4) Calc Wars is the main movie for Cemetech.
The Future: Cemetech either closes down and/or everyone loses interest (with only the core admins/mods staying around and sharing things amongst each other), discrete calculator devices become a thing of the past, etc.
Considering that in 2008-09 almost 95% of Cemetech discussion was not calc-related, but rather hardware/web-related, it would probably survive a TI community death. Most active members would be the long-time friends and perhaps some newer users.

It's hard to tell, though, considering the TI community nearly died twice in the past (2001-02 and 2008).
Ordelore: i would think that Kerm would have to start making new Doors versions as fast as Firefox releases theirs; maybe 13.37 is a bit more realistic. but, who knows.

Ashbad (& DJ_O): i also don't see Cemetech actually dying anytime soon. given that Cemetech has many caring members, and that we do so much more than Ti programming, and that Ti hasn't gone out of business recently. becoming "temporarily inactive" is much more likely.
Kerm's 3d printer printing out 84+ CE's with dual core processor mod and wifi access built in at a rate of 1 per minute, Bots solving all the problems in SAX, forum is only used for offtopic stuff, the code writes itself via SMC, also an evolution-like algorithm os used for code self-optimization. SC v.2015 amd cemetech v.2016 have written, optimized and awesome desigmed the last 1337 versions by themselves, all posts are made from Kerm's printed out calculators and everything is mind controlled.
Kerm just got his 312th doctor title and wrote "Using the TI-2076+ 3D" which got just released by TI.

That would be awesome Smile
We appreciate your enthusiasm on Cemetech but please consider the dates when posting, the post before yours was in November 2013! While we don't typically mind the revival of old topics as long as they are on-topic to Cemetech, we prefer candid and less conducive posts to fall behind.
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