So, we're finding out that we have little in the way of actual information on BASIC and the command syntaxes and structures for the Prizm.

I've finally found a pdf of the manual ( ) that is 601 pages long. However, I'm noticing some issues in forms of syntax, as it makes you take the long way around everything and is overly just confusing. So, I'm going to compile notes on things, and when I have enough information to work with for a section, I'll see about combining it into a useful tutorial.


Apparently, storing to a list is slightly different. On the TI calculators, we have the little L character, ʟ. On the Prizm (and guessing other Casio models) you have to do something like this:

{1,2,3}->List 1

You can, however, give it a subname, like this:

{1,2,3}-> List "ABC"

To recall and store data to elements, you access elements like this:

List "ABC"[#]

For loops are interesting.

For 1->F To 10
Locate 1,1,F

That's your basic For loop setup.

If you are wanting to have For loop skip numbers, or jump up by 2 at a time, you'd do

For 1->F To 10 Step 2
Locate 1,1,F

It is extremely important to close all things, like ", }, ] etc. If you do not, you will get a syntax error, and it could send you to the end of the program without really telling you where the error is. I spent 45 minutes tracing a bug that ended up missing a " closing a Locate command out, and it was sending me to the end of the program as a syntax error.

If you want a 'wait for keypress' routine, use

While Getkey=0

To recall a picture in a program on the fx9750gii and prizm,

From the program editor, press OPTN, F6 twice, then F2.

Conditionals always require this syntax using If:

If <condition>:Then
Do it:EndIf

Unlike the z80 TI, you are required to put a Then and EndIf, if you only have 1 item to do, or a dozen.

More to come as I have it..
I know this is your personal notes topic for now, but I've had it open in a tab long enough to want to comment that I hope other Cemetech users will take the opportunity to add to it if they learn more about Casio Prizm BASIC programming. I feel like we have far too little in the way of reference and tutorial information in the community about this.
Found out today that the fx-9860G and fx-9750G Plus lack the String variable. Kind of sad. I need to look into getting an fx-9860GII and make sure if it has one or not.
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