Yesterday, October 12, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were released for the Nintendo 3DS console. They are a new, revolutionary step forward in the Pokemon franchise. The previous generation, V, never struck me as 'good' enough to warrant playing after making it through the endgame. NOTE: This review will be updated as I accomplish more in the game.

Controls: 8/10

The 3DS's circle pad is used for moving in a greater way than previous 4-way scrolling. However, the newer mode of transportation that relies on the circle pad is a bit too sensitive.

Interface: 10/10

This is the formula that Game Freak has solidly improved since when the Pokemon franchise first debuted on the Game Boy in 1998. The menu-based interface is remarkably easy to navigate through, particularly for those used to a TI-83+/84+ menu navigation.

Battles: 10/10

The core feature of every Pokemon game is not impeded by the 3D features. With the new hi-res screen, the realism is made even greater than before. A new type, Fairy, throws a wrench into the traditional balancing of types.

Originality: 7/10

Most of the Pokemon's names leave much to be desired. Eg: Bunnelby.

Overall: 9/10

The new formula that X and Y bring to the Pokemon series is well appreciated and will be well approved of in the coming years.
Alright, I started playing Pokemon X this morning, and noticed a few things as well as was pleased with several features. Here goes:
7/10 the controls are really really sensitive, and with the roller skates, which are super fast, is almost unusable. I prefer using the running shoes.
I agree, the names of some Pokemon are rather lame.
As a whole I would rate this 8/10 falling short of my favorite game; kid Icarus. But hey I might get more into it, as I'm only maybe 2 hours into the game.
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