Me and my friends have created a robotics team. This years challenge is called toss up... not sure if thats good or bad. I hope that I will be able to get some pictures up for you guys soon.
good luck. Vex robotics was our favorite STEM class in 7th grade
Sounds pretty cool. I did a Vex LEGO robotics competition last year for my school, and we ended up with first place.

though, due to unfortunate circumstances, I was stuck making some powerpoints rather than coding, it was still pretty cool. Shame I won't have time for it this year, the challenge looks interesting enough.
I'm excited about it. I get to do the coding. Razz
The building is a little complicated though.
Well, a lot has happened since this picture...

We have put the lift on, taken it off, shrunk it a little, reinforced the wheels, and were working on getting the lift back on.
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