What do you think the TI-84+CSE Doors CS should be named?
Doors CS 8
 26%  [ 7 ]
Doors CSE 8
 50%  [ 13 ]
Something else (I'll tell you in the thread)
 23%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 26

Except Windows 8 can run Windows 3.1 software.

And, the version of Windows 8 that can't run Windows software is called Windows RT.
Wow, we sure have a lot of opinions here. Most people like DCSE8, but a fair number like DCS8 instead. The number of people dissenting from both options (therefore opining DCSE1 or another name) is the lowest of the three categories. I'll try to respond to you guys:

tifreak8x: The motivation behind the E would be to make it clear that people with non-TI-84+CSE's couldn't load the new version on their non-color calculators.

comicIDIOT: It's both the next version, and a refinement of the Doors CS 7 codebase, so the 8 numbering seemed logical to me.

ordelore: Yes, that was my reasoning as well.

Caleb: I'm flattered that you and your family devoted a dinner discussion to this! I am impressed by your family's outside-the-box thinking; I think both Doors Alleycat and D8 are spiffy names and would certainly be memorable to users. The color part of the name is not so much boasting that Doors CS is now in color (which I agree is a yawn-fest Wink ) but making clear that this is a version that runs on the C Silver Edition (CSE) calculator.

Lionel, comic, Runer, others: One way I'm thinking of compromising on the numbering is calling the App itself DoorsCSE in the Apps menu, thus relegating the version numbering to something displayed on the About screen, which makes the numbering rather less of an issue in my opinion.

tifreak, Caleb, Hayleia: Yes, I like simple too, and DCSE8 is nearly as much of a mouthful as "TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition". Wink However, I think "Doors CSE" is pretty easy to remember, and many users end up just calling the shell "Doors" anyway, making the whole thing a moot point.

Merthsoft: I am pretty firm on retiring development on the non-color Doors CS. I am very happy with both the feature set and stability, and to be brutally honest, I think I've reached a period of very decreasing gains from putting much more effort into developing the non-color version. I think that Doors CSE 8 combines the best of making it clear this is a color version and showing its heritage from Doors CS 7 and earlier, to take a minor tangent off your thoughts.

Everyone: So based on you very thorough and helpful feedback, I'm currently leaning towards Doors CSE 8, with an app name of "DoorsCSE". I'll post a news article about the project to the front page tomorrow with that name, but if anyone has particularly strenuous objections, I'm still willing to listen. Smile
I guess you could go with Doors CSE 8 if you plan to continue Doors CS for monochrome calculators, else maybe it would make sense to switch back to 1 since people would wonder where did Doors CSE 7 go, for example.
Yeah, I think we should start back with 1 instead of 8 because it's the 1st version for the color and not the 8th. It just makes a lot more sense to me.
The risk with reverting back to 1 is that other people will find 7 for download and think its an update.

I think you may need to have "Colour Edition" in there somewhere to ensure that people know what calc this is for.
How about DoorsCS C v1.0?
Doors Azura ?

Just to throw a curve ball.

I thought about Doors Spectrum but that would confuse with the iconic home computer, but still with a nod to Z80 heritage.
well you could call it Doors CSE and the logo could have the E "melt" into a 8, Does it truly matter? you could do countless things like
* Doors CS, color edition
to elaborate on my idea Google images for scream 4, its made to look like Scre4m.
josh has a very cool idea, with the melting effect. however, does the LCD have enough resolution to make that "Eye appealing"?
Along the same lines...

Doors Calculator Shell Eight.

Abbreviates to either DCS8 or DCSE.
Lol, I like both of those. The problem comes if Kerm makes more than 9 updates because there would be DCSE.1 (8.1), etc, then DCSE.9 (8.9) and then what ? Get rid of the E and the 8 and dig that topic up for yet another new name ?

So yeah, except if there are not a lot of updates or except if versions are called DCSE.01 then 02 etc to 99, that name poses another problem.

But once again, I really like the idea of mixing the E with the 8 and saying the E is Eight ^^
As with all version numbers, he could just do 8.10, 8.11, 8.12, etc. Version numbers aren't real numbers.
I'd just go with version 8.OVERNINETHOUSAND!!!!1111 But that's just me. Very Happy

On a side note, the amount of progress, no matter its name, has been awesome to watch unfold.

I guess the question goes to Kerm, when do we give it its official name?
Make it like star wars and start with Doors CSE 8 and then remake Doors CSE 1-7. Smile
Since "Doors" is a spinoff of "Windows", and Doors was like Windows and isn't anymore, and the new version is all about what Kerm wants it to be, I'd assume he should call it "KermOS".

Sorry: in a way Nikky should have been the one to make this post. However, I beat him to it.
I like DoorsCSC (C for color), but that's just me. It's Kerm's decision, so we'll have to see what he does. Razz
How about "DOS"? Doors on Steroids????
I think it should be called Doors CSE 1
Because this is the 1st Doors CS for the TI 84 CSE
willwac wrote:
How about "DOS"? Doors on Steroids????

Unfortunately, there is already an assembly shell for the TI-68k series known as DoorsOS. I know that Kerm has known about this relationship for a long time, and he would try not to get any closer to DoorsOS than he has to.
After all the debate I like the idea of including both the CSE, so downloaders will know to which calculator it is suited for, and the 8 for version 8. Starting over at one would be confusing to say the least.
DoorsCSE 8 is simple and shows what it is; a doors for the CSE that is now the follow up of the popular doors 7
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