Decided to do a bit of code work on this this morning while I was rolling newspapers. Here are a few of the things I've done so far:

1) Up arrow now rotates pieces as if you were pressing 2nd
2) Found a few places to optimize in replacing 0-><var> with DelVar <var>
3) Removed an unneeded conditional for one of the shapes
4) Got rid of the Pause command for use of Repeat getKey trick

It sadly only shaved around 10 bytes off the game.

I remember some requests for a high score feature. Is this something I should tack on? Should I shoot for one displayed high score (I have room for that easily without a title screen of any kind) Or should I go all out with the 3 saved high scores that comes standard on our other tetris games on the calcs?
Is three high scores standard? I thought most Tetris games had a single high score that was displayed on the gameplay screen under the current game's score. Regardless, I think that that would be sufficient. I'm glad you were able to add an extra features, perform some optimizations, and still end up 10 bytes ahead. Smile
Well, it was in ZTetris, and the one on the gameboy, which is most of what my tetris experience revolves around. But I was also shooting for 1, as that would make it a lot less to code in. Should I make it store names as well?
Okay, so updates since the last released version:

High score stored, with name stored in the list
up arrow flips piece
quick name selection code

Both btetris for the CSE and TetricH on the CSE have been updated. Waiting on my tester to take a look and see if he agrees things are in order, and things will be published Very Happy
Did some more playing, and found out that my high score code will kill off the last character. Simple fix. Otherwise, I'm going to release the games later today Very Happy

So, this is a thing, now Smile

TetrisH is now upgraded:

Latest version here:

Currently the only version that works on the CE! Very Happy
From the looks of the source, TetricH should be optimizable by about a factor of two for speed, excluding graphics. I could be wrong. Let me find out where the bottleneck is, and I'll try to speed it up.

Is there a listing of what each variable is used for?
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