I'm a little confused as to how to setup the latest prizm sdk on windows. are there some up to date step by step instruction for this.

As far as I can see the latest version is 0.3.. with rumors of 0.4.
if I go to the Prizm Programming Portal, it says

Prizm Programming Portal wrote:
Please note that the above package has out of date content. You should follow the setup guide to get newer files.

if I go the the setup guide it says

PrizmSDK Setup Guide wrote:
Firstly, the latest PrizmSDK packages are available on the Prizm Programming Portal.

the programming portal does also mention

Prizm Programming Portal wrote:
you can grab AHelper's patched 0.3 SDK here: (link removed until new package is made.)

The latest version of libfxcg can usually be found on Tari's Jenkins instance, or you can check out a copy from github and compile it yourself. Simply drop the contents of the lib and include directories into your existing SDK and it should work.

But I'm not entirely sure what to do with them.
should I just wait for 0.4 to be sorted, how close is that?

stevedh wrote:
But I'm not entirely sure what to do with them.
should I just wait for 0.4 to be sorted, how close is that?
When I get around to finishing it up, which could be some time yet.

Running with a bleeding-edge snapshot is fairly straightforward.
  1. Download and unpack the v0.3 package
  2. Download a compiled git snapshot ("all files in zip") and replace the include and lib directories in the SDK package with the ones from this package.
  3. Update your SDK build scripts. I don't know offhand what needs changing, but simply using the example project from the git snapshot package (try examples/make-PrizmSDK/) will probably work.
I may be forgetting some things, so definitely ask if things don't seem to be working.
sorry been busy.
just like to say thanks that worked fine.
Now just need to find time to do something with it Smile
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