This is a project I've started up for the TI-84+ CSE. This project will be able to open and save Pic1-Pic9, while using Pic0 to temp save images to when you load a new menu up.

As it stands right now, it currently loads up a 'First time run' that sets up a list to have you let the program know what pic variables are currently in use. If you delete the |LPNT list at any point, you will be greeted with the following:

I currently have 2 menus set up for display, nothing is currently usable, File and Colors:

I'm working on the 'Tools' menu, and have the following as ideas to maybe implement:

Fill Sel

Kind of throwing this out there. I was trying to get some more done before I started releasing, but whatever, need some opinions now Smile
That looks superb, tifreak8x! The OCD person in me notices that FILE is two pixels further separated from QUIT than any other pair of words, so I would recommend either adding a dividing line between FILE and the rest of the open menu or bringing them all down two pixels. I would prefer the former solution. Your color picker looks great, and I think the method of telling it which Pic variables are fair game is a good one. Other than the commands you mentioned, I would think that you need a way to make a selection. I would not recommend any kind of flood-fill, so perhaps instead of Fill Sel, you could have Rect and Rect Border (the former being a filled rectangle, the latter just its edge).
If you look closely, you can see a faint grey line between quit and file, I should probably go with a slightly darker line color. I'll probably do that with the borders, make them all a darker grey. I can easily get rid of the fill sel, since I wasn't looking forward to implementing that anyways. lol Your ideas do sound better. Thanks for the feedback!
Ahh, I see the line now. I would indeed make it either darker or wider. My pleasure; I look forward to seeing how this progresses.
Yeah, I'll go with a darker grey and make it wider to 'block' the cursor. something to work on here after I finish my Saturday work.
I've gotten the menus temporarily set up, for File, Tools, and Color. Color setting was fairly easy: If I%=13:Then:((A-21)/8)+10->E:9->W:End

New was even easier, just a matter of clearing out the screen :p Not sure if I should reset values for colors and tools yet, though.

Working on the Save/Load bit. Will take a little bit of time to get that all written in, but shouldn't be overly hard to get completed in a reasonably short period of time, when I can find the time to do so.


I think I've gotten everything related to 'File' done. At least, all the code looks as if it will work. I need to make it use a couple of the tools yet before I'll be able to truly test.
So, I've started working on the primary tooling engine for this project. I can wrap most of it up fairly easy in a single loop.

However, I'm running into a problem with getting pt-on to be just a single dot. It's 4 pixels instead of 1. Is that normal for it, or do you think I can get it back to 1 in some fashion? :/

Seems I could do it with a Line( command, but that's as far as I've figured out at this point. :<
tifreak8x wrote:
However, I'm running into a problem with getting pt-on to be just a single dot. It's 4 pixels instead of 1. Is that normal for it, or do you think I can get it back to 1 in some fashion? :/
Pt-On( now takes up to four arguments: X, Y, color, point_type. The point type can be 1, 2, 3, 4.

1 = large 4x4 point
2 = hollow 6x6 square
3 = cross
4 = single pixel
Ah, thank you. Hooray for going back to something simpler. lol

I've decided to use the Pt-on(/Off( commands, and the user will just be able to press a button to refresh the image so they can make adjustments as needed. Will make the program a little more difficult to use, but will make things work properly.
Since jstified is having issues loading .8xi files for the CSE right now, I managed to make with some shenanigans and create a pic variable on calc to make with a test.

In the first one, I'm showing off the pen feature as a standard size. I have it set to continuously draw on the screen until you press 2nd a second time to stop the pen, and then it saves.

The second image shows off Pt-On('s bit of a fault, however, it's not so bad. Once you draw the boxes where you want, press 2nd again, and then hit Alpha, and it will redisplay the picture with the proper colors! This is also something that will have to happen when moving your cursor across the screen to work on another side of the image.

This was the best I could do, since the Pt-Change only knows on and off, and not the opposite of the colors it is sitting on.

Any thoughts? (I'd like to point out that the speed of the screenshots are a bit slower than on actual calc.)

Also, this makes me realize, I need to disable the ability to refresh the screen when the pen is in an active state..
Looks great so far, tifreak8x! I see nothing to improve there so far, other than me figuring out why you're having troubles with jsTIfied. I wonder if it's at all related to your weird issues with SourceCoder. Sad
I don't know, I didn't really try to use my laptop to load the file, I guess I should give that a shot as well..

And thanks! I'll hopefully have more progress on this soon with one of the other tools, maybe the pxl by pxl tool.
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