If Cemetech had shirts, Would you:
Buy one and wear it
 84%  [ 32 ]
Buy one and never wear it
 5%  [ 2 ]
Not get one
 10%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 38

Pieman7373 wrote:

I think this t-shirt is a bit much, for me to actually want to wear it, it would have to be quite different. Here is a list of things I'd change:
    1) First off, I would opt for the marronish Cemetech red as the base color (because that bright red is hurting my eyes)
    2) I would take off the slogan in the back and put it in the front one a single line under the Cemetech logo in smaller font, because having stuff written in large fonts on your back just isn't attractive to anyone.
    3) And finally, I would remove the background color of the text, so that you don't have a rectangle surrounding the text.

Another idea would be to make a sweater entirely covered in colorful calculators in an artsy way kind of like this:

Except, calculator themed, with like calculators everywhere, which would be kind of obnoxious, but in a good way Razz
I agree with all of your changes, mr womp womp, i just made that on in literally 2 minutes, so it isnt perfect Razz
Didn't realize the files from my prior posts got lost in a server move. Anyways, reuploaded them and linked them below.

Sad That's actually really funny. You should wear that the next time you represent Cemetech, err, Comictech!
Alex wrote:
Didn't realize the files from my prior posts got lost in a server move. Anyways, reuploaded them and linked them below.

I love them!
Ugh. That motto is so bad. Just lose it and replace it with a picture of a TI-83+ on the sleave.
About the red t-shirt, personally I don't like red t-shirts because the color fades with the time on most brands and you end up with a pink t-shirt. I think the same orange as the gradient bars on the site or maroon would fit better.
There are also these shirts that Tim/geekboy got made for our 2015 Maker Faire appearance. Mine is a dress shirt, and everyone else's are polos:
Yeah those are great. Can the current Cemetech logo be adapted to be the same colors as on those shirts?
Contain yourself.
I really want that polo! Very Happy
What about this logo I made a while ago:

I made it originally for a t-shirt, but I never got around to actually printing it.

The doors is a tacky attempt at representing Doors, our (or Kerm's), crowning achievement.
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