Ok, I have been working for over a day to try to get gCn and Gossamer to work, I have the filters on the calculator (TI84 Plus SE running Doors CS 7.2)

The most I could get out of running it with:
"gcnclient -n WebHub -l ddthj -r -d direct"

this is all that happened:
D:\TI stuff\Internet>gcnclient -n WebHub -l ddthj -r -d direct
Info: Using default server host gcnhub.cemetech.net
Info: Using default port 4295

after this, I ran Gossamer and found to still be stuck on the loading page.

can someone give me an exact command line that I should be running? I searched everywhere for complete instructions but only found bits and pieces that were hard to understand.
Are you using the filter driver provided with gCn? There's installation information in part 3 of the gCnClient readme.

You can try "gcnclient -n WebHub -l ddthj -d d"
Yes, I used the driver that came with gCn..

I tried the new thing you gave me and I got a new error:

D:\TI stuff\Internet>gcnclient -n WebHub -l ddthj -d d
Info: Using default server host gcnhub.cemetech.net
Info: Using default port 4295
Failed to open Direct USB connection to calculator.

should I be running Gossamer before or after I run gCn?

should I even have doors running when I start gCn?
While you start gCn your calc should be on the home screen.
also, do you have libusb installed?
I have libusb as an application extension, but i'm not sure if it is "installed" or if it runs correctly
so, no Ideas?
ddthj wrote:
so, no Ideas?
You're clearly using Windows; did you install the filter driver on the USB port that the calculator is plugged into? If you move it to a different USB port, you also need to re-install the filter driver for that port+device combination.
Yea, It the same USB port.
I'm afraid I can't think of anything else that could be going wrong. Are you starting the gCnClient with the calculator connected and at the homescreen?
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