Hi, I just bought a TI84 CSE and when I took it out of the package, there where several vertical lines on the screen that appeared throughout the calculator screens. I don't know how to attach jpegs, but the lines where 1 pixel wide, top to bottom and randomly clustered near the right side of the screen. I did a factory reset and it is charging right now. Everything works fine, except for the lines.

Please help, I do not want to take this back!
CalcKid, please upload the photo(s) to a service like Imgur, then paste the Direct Link urls into a post inside [img] tags. It sounds like you might have a TI-84+CSE with a defective screen, though, the first of its kind in the wild.
I am unable to do so because of my internet security options. This will have to wait until tomorrow... Sorry about that.
*bump* Did this ever get resolved, Calckid?
You can also e-mail me and I can host them for you. If you still need them hosted, send me a PM!
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