It would require hours and hours of hand converting that I just feel like not doing. :p


Some new screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

The answers are randomly generated via randIntNoRep(, which are MP dependent. I then choose one of those 4 with a randInt( as the answer, and display the question, basically. Smile

Also, for fun, the title screen displays a random president each time it is run.
Nice work Smile Bonus points for keeping cool with Cal.
Haha thanks!

The hard part begins with setting up selecting a name and displaying data. :<
You should make it so when you select the answer, the wrong names turn red and the right one turns green. Also, you should have, like, an "eliminate" thing where it crosses one of the wrong answers out.
merthsoft wrote:
You should make it so when you select the answer, the wrong names turn red and the right one turns green. Also, you should have, like, an "eliminate" thing where it crosses one of the wrong answers out.

I approve this message! Good Idea
elfprince13 wrote:
merthsoft wrote:
You should make it so when you select the answer, the wrong names turn red and the right one turns green. Also, you should have, like, an "eliminate" thing where it crosses one of the wrong answers out.

I approve this message! Good Idea
I like both of those suggestions. In fact, if you had that, you could score them, 2 points for a correct answer, 1 point for a correct answer after a hint, 0 points for a wrong answer (or something).
Definitely a good suggestion, and highlighting the green name was something I wanted to do when the answer given was incorrect. I just wasn't sure how to get that to work properly, mainly because each name is looked up right before being displayed to the screen via celtic.

Would anyone that actually has the CSE want me to post up my progress thus far, to check it out on calc?
I'd enjoy checking it out; I could probably offer more intelligent suggestions that way. Plus I'd love to see Celtic 2 CSE in action on a real calculator running in a non-toy/demo program.

Sorry it took so long to post this, must have missed your reply yesterday somehow.

Anyways, here it is! Any feedback on controls, responses, or looks will be greatly appreciated!
tifreak8x, you left the room before I could respond. I had actually bookmarked this already but you left literally 4 seconds before I realized it was you and could ask you about it! Nice job on this by the way, definitely going to check it out.
Thanks a ton, I value any feedback you might have.

I'm going to try to start in on the database section, maybe at least get a layout going, and get the text displayer working. That will hopefully be started on today, pending I don't get distracted by other things.
I'm afraid I didn't get the chance to pull out my calculator and give this a try this weekend, but I hope to do so this week. I wish you luck and patience putting together the data for all the presidents to include in the program. Smile
Thanks, I'll do my best to make it as useful as I can, and I'm hoping to set up something to allow the database to be used for the trivia as well as the pictures.
KermMartian wrote:
ordelore wrote:
ok then. Maybe once Kerm improves SC3, then you could have better color pictures.
The fault does not lie with SourceCoder. The fault lies with the fact that we have only 15 colors to work with in pure TI-BASIC on the TI-84+CSE. Take a look at to see samples from adding TI-84+CSE picture (not Image) support to SourceCoder 3; here's what a full palette looks like:


I know that this would vastly increase the size of the program, but wouldn't it be possible to use 'colorscale' (similar to grayscale) to mimic the full range of colors? It would be hard to do in basic, but might it be feasible if you decide to convert the database to asm?
You mean by blending colors with quick buffer-flipping? There are two problems with that:
1) The TI-84+CSE's screen takes 0.2 to 0.25 seconds to render a full screen image, because of the speed of our CPU. That would just look like strobing, not mixing.
2) The screen can already support a full color gamut; the problem is that TI-BASIC cannot. If libraries offered full-color, then you wouldn't be able to use Text(, Pt-On(, Line(, and so on without losing those colors.
Its a nice program! Very neat and professional.

I know you didn't want color images, but do you think these are acceptable?

These are 64x80 at 16 colors.

And what do you think about these images?
Color wise, they look fantastic, however, I'm concerned with what Kerm had said, that using any BASIC commands will negate the colors and the screen will freak out and they lose their colors. That's one of the reasons Celtic2 was built to use the BASIC colors that the calculator offered, even if they suck, so that BASIC itself can use it as a library.

There is also the issue of size. The sprites as they are are pretty darned large, though I'm able to get around 10 per appvar, which is how I've gotten my program set up to handle them now, and will be how I get the data put into each appvar (sucks to limit the text data to 6KB, but I'm sure I can get a lot of information in on each president with that kind of limit).

And the last issue I can imagine is being able to update it for new presidents in the future, if you use some kind of compression for the images. I sadly know nothing of compression algorithms and the like, I haven't yet pushed myself into learning that, because I haven't gotten very far in the understanding of ASM/C/C++/C#/etc. :/
I programmed a BASIC test program to see how it worked with assembly modding the screen (I was thinking that maybe BASIC sets the screen to low color) but everything works just fine. BASIC commands can display in color and asm can draw pictures right next to it, under it, over it, whatever just fine. Then I added a line in your program that executes an asm to draw a picture of Washington. I didn't remove the Celtic sprite routine?, just added it after the text was written. As you can see in the picture it writes directly over the other sprite. What you cant see in the picture is that it also draws it at least twice as fast. After I update IViewer, I might create a program specifically for BASIC to load and draw images without any color limitations.

How large is the image data for one of the presidents?
Uncompressed is 2,560 bytes. I recommend uncompressed because to point to each president all you would have to do is add 2560. It would take 2 appvars to store all the images with room left over for 7 new presidents.

(The assembly program would add 2560, the basic program would just have to specify which president like 1 for Washington then the program would sub 1 and mult by 2560 which would come out to 0 for the first president. After maybe the 18th president it would instead load the second appvar dec by 18 mult by 2560 and it would have its offset for the next president)

Don't get me wrong, it looks perfectly fine in grayscale but it takes up about 265,329 bytes currently!!! I dont know how much text is included in there but you can have color and it would only take up about 112kb!
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