jmclaug wrote:
Any estimate or web site to watch?
I'm sure that we'll be announcing each new app, so this would be a good place. Smile I personally have been tasked with one of the ports, although I can't say which one. Which apps in particular are you looking for? There might be TI-BASIC programs that approximate the functionality that you're looking for that run on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition already.
*bump* I added a few new bugs: slow typing in the TI-BASIC editor causing keystrokes to be missed (not sure how I missed adding that), a glitch with integrals, and an annoyance with scrolling menus that Adriweb reminded me of today.
The memory screen is still formatted for a screen 16 characters wide. Why? They're probably lazy.

The warranty card says it uses 4xAAA. Since mine has a rechargeable lithium cell, I should probably send it back for repair.
DrDnar wrote:
The memory screen is still formatted for a screen 16 characters wide. Why? They're probably lazy.
I had to stare a bit before I found what you mean. The free RAM and Archive numbers aren't far enoug hto the right.

The warranty card says it uses 4xAAA. Since mine has a rechargeable lithium cell, I should probably send it back for repair.
Heh, somehow I think that's an empty threat from a guy like you. Wink I have added these to my list.
[Alpha]+↓ and [Alpha]+↑ do not scroll by page in the catalog. I swore they did but perhaps that has been missing for a while?

Yes I know you can do [Alpha]+Letter but some of the letters have quite a few entries.
TheStorm wrote:
[Alpha]+↓ and [Alpha]+↑ do not scroll by page in the catalog. I swore they did but perhaps that has been missing for a while?

Yes I know you can do [Alpha]+Letter but some of the letters have quite a few entries.
I don't think they ever have, because alpha-lock is enabled by default in the Catalog, and making it alpha-scroll might be disorienting therefore. I just tried on a TI-83+ and TI-84+, and neither had page-wise scrolling in the catalog.
Well I guess I'm crazy then. Oh Well.
New bug found:

-When changing the background color in a program, it often fails to change until the program has ended. Same goes for border color changes. It doesn't happen everytime it seems. Even using DispGraph won't solve the issue.

The only way to ensure that backgrounds will actually change is to use Disp:DispGraph before drawing anything.
DJ_O: Does that same trick repair the problem with coloring points?
Yes, but it's sadly not practical in the middle of a walking engine, due to having to swap between the home and graph screen.

EDIT: Also some colors appear to be off in TI-ScreenCapture. For example the light blue looks like some light blue gray rather than cyan and orange looks very light, closer to yellow.
That sounds like a problem with color spaces. I haven't looked into this much myself because I do not know much about color, but it sounds like TI didn't calibrate the gamma curve of the display well. (The gamma curve is something you configure through the LCD driver. The precise values required actually depend on the specific model screen TI uses, which they most likely buy off-the-shelf from whichever 3rd party sells them the cheapest. Consequently, it's possible---even likely---that the colors shown on-calc will vary widely from year to year.) As a result, it diverges more from the sRGB color space than the engineers who wrote TI Connect anticipated. Or maybe they just have wrong equates. But personally, I think it would wise to develop our own gamma curve that matches sRGB with the bottom two bits cut off.
I think it's probably calibrated just fine, it's just that it's a lousy LCD (or to be more charitable, it's an LCD that was not designed to be installed sideways.) If you tilt the calculator from side to side, the gamma curve changes dramatically (look at how the color of the gray status bar changes relative to the white and black text, for instance.) In fact I find it quite distracting even to look at the screen with both eyes, from closer than a couple of feet away.

I haven't done any really thorough testing, but the gamma appears to be about 2.2 (i.e., roughly sRGB) if you look straight at the screen. Tilting it perhaps 30° to the left decreases the gamma to around 0.6, and tilting it 30° to the right increases the gamma to maybe 7 or 8. Beyond those angles it stops following any sensible curve.
That's quite interesting, and disappointing. I guess there's not much we can do about it, other than remind users that the colors shift a lot as the screen tilts. It may also be part of why TI didn't bother providing finer color control.
I noticed that too actually. Also you can see the LCD is rotated 90° with the scanlines that are vertical instead of horizontal (if you look very carefully on a GBA, TI-Nspire CX or TI-84 Plus C Silver screen, the scanlines are somewhat noticeable.)

Also new bug I think: In some cases, some pixels appears like dead on the home screen. When you switch to the graph screen they are fine. That scared the hell out of me because my calc is brand new. Not sure how this happened, though. The Nspire CX has a similar problem with a big square appearing behind the cursor from time to time.
Sorry for the double-post, but when enabling GridDot when windows settings are Xmin 0 Xmax 264 Ymin -164 Ymax 0, it takes over a minute to generate the grid and you cannot quit with ON like during graphing. Might be nice to allow people to quit in case they accidentally set their windows settings too high or enable GridDot by mistake.

GridLine is fine. It takes 1 second or less to generate.

Also update on the Pt-On() bug: It only seems to happen when you specify the 4th argument for the shape.
By the way, you reminded me that I heard back about the set of bugs I told my TI contacts about while I was at the T^3 conference:
[T]he development team has the list of issues you provided and they will be reviewed and prioritized for the next update. The 84 OS is complete for the first release so these will be considered for a future release. He doesn’t have timing on when that may come out.
I'll do my best to collect and organize these new bugs and send them along. I'm still waiting for word on the faster z80/ez80 question.
Possibly another bug:

When setting stat plots, if you use a color number instead of its token (eg: 10 instead of BLUE), it causes an ERR:SYNTAX

Plot1(xyLine,L1,L2,+,10 //Causes ERR:SYNTAX

Plot1(xyLine,L1,L2,+,BLUE //Works fine

This is the only occurence of color usage that I found where only the color name works and not its number.

Another thing is that the Program editor typing is really bad, but I noticed that if you try to type at the bottom of the screen it's not as bad, so for now, just scroll up before typing.
DJ_O, that's a good one, nice find. I'll add it to the list.
Can you add the following FATAL bugs in the home screen:

-In the home screen, when looking at history, scroll to the right does not work. So you cannot validate a previous entry without having to hit enter to edit it.

-In the home screen, when displaying fractions, it displays such as 1/4. In TI-89, the display is MUCH nicer with the display just as you write it. I want a display like this:

I'm returning my calculator bc of these bugs. What a pity. If there's a workaround please let me know! I really wanted to like this calculator.
- The first bug is unfortunately not fixable (I don't think they consider it a bug). I agree that it's awkward.
- To type out fractions in the body of a computation, press [ALPHA][F1] to access the FRAC menu, and choose n/d or Un/d.
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