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Hello everyone. It's been a slow and boring summer, and will be my last as a kid. School will start on the 18th and I should be able to upload programs here, ticalc.org, and tibasicdev.wikidot.com. Here is what I made this summer:

Newly made programs:

- Clock Pro+CE*: A utility that contains a digital clock, calendar, stopwatch, count-down timer, birthday celebration, and other time and date-related functions.
- Token Finder CE*: A software that has the ability to find and save inaccessible tokens and commands on the TI-84 Plus CE. Calculator linking is also supported to find and send tokens.
- Token Finder Pro: A software that has the ability to find and save inaccessible tokens and commands on the TI-83/84/Plus/SE. Calculator linking is also supported to find and send tokens.
- Stick Hero CE Remake*: A different version of Stick Hero CE made from another user on TI|BD. Game includes new cool graphics, different game difficulties, highscore system with initials, and challenges!
- Quick Think*: Think quick to win. A 3 by 3 box of numbers 1-9 with different colors are displayed. You have to match either the number, number color, or number background to the specified number. Includes highscore system and initials.

Programs still being made:

- xFighter CE*: An RPG for the TI-84 Plus CE. Features nine areas of land to take back control from Queen Alice. Game features different armor, weapon crafting, traveling, minigames, rewards, achievements, and more!
- Celtic CE: A library inherited from Celtic 3 for the TI-84 Plus porting to the TI-84 Plus CE. Includes new and updated commands, with ONBLOCK, DRAWSHAPE, BOXSHIFT, and other commnads fully implemented. Original credits will be given to the authors of Celtic 3 (Rodger Wiesman and others) to prevent plagiarism.
- Colors Plus CE: An assembly tool to add more color functionality to your TI-84 Plus CE. This tool is intended to use with CE Textlib, as Colors+ CE has one purpose: to set the background and foreground colors for commands 16 and 17 with RGB. No more 15 color limit, you have all the colors! Yay!

* This software uses CE Textlib v1.12, made by Dr. D'nar.

I've been working hard this summer to learn z80 and ez80. Me and my uncle will make these assembly programs and release them when they are complete. If you have questions or comments, please post them below.

EDIT: I just realized I asked the wrong question in the poll xD
Fixed it now.
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