guicrith wrote:
I looked at jsTIfied source code in my browser an it is somewhat obfuscated I wanted to download the source and add ez80 support and a more mobile friendly gui.

May I have the source to add these.
Unfortunately, it is obfuscated for just that reason; it's not an open-source project at this time. However, if you're interested in contributing to the jsTIfied project, I'd be thrilled to take a look at some UI mockups that would be more mobile-friendly. What sort of Javascript projects have you worked on in the past that I can check out as an example of your experience?
I wont share the source.

I havent done much java script but i do know it.
It is just a less restrictive interpreted version of C without types and pointers.(Put simply)

Ms dos 16 bit realmode 3d renderer(C)

Super mario world level generator(Java)[Level gen from infinte mario bros/smw level data format conversion by me]

Implemented ogg support and joystick support in Magic dosbox android(C/java)

Palm os emulator in javascript(JS)[got to boot screen but did not boot/got bored and gave up(may finish someday)]

Code walrus 4x3 contest Unexploded ordinance(JS)[Will be released when contest is over]

Not projects but these are other qualifications i have.

Slight 8086 asm knowledge.(for msdos[interupts/io handling])

Full knowledge of bit/byte operations.(|/&/>>/<<)

Basic optimization.

Understand how a dynarec works.

Understand how interpreted emulation works.

Have used basic i/o.(Arduino/emulated io on dosbox msdos projects)

Thanks for this wonderful tool !

Still, I have encountered a little problem during its use. Is there any way to create a 82p with jstified or SC3 ? My emulator is dead and I cannot create a "readable" 82p for a program of mine.

I know me can emulate the TI-82, but no way to send a 82p or a code from SC3... (as far as I have seen)

Thanks Wink
Super important! 'current' should be 'currently'. Smile Which reminds me; I will currently be working on this as soon as I do some more documentation on the CE itself.

A "bug" I've noticed today:

A freshly dumped 84+CSE boots up with PTT-mode enabled (Also, when booting, it started by a garbagecollect, it took a few seconds):

It doesn't really bother me since i'm here to test things thus make a file transfer (which disables PTT), but still Smile
I need to report this bug: I was creating a new program using the sourcecoder, and using the jsTIfied
emulator to test the Program. after a few trials of sending the program to the TI 84 Plus C SE emulator, it started glitching out, and the screen just displayed wierd lines, and it showed little to no response when i preformed calculator actions. This is isn't life threatening, but it is very annoying.
Via a teacher, a reminder to elfprince et alia that we should continue working on an offline-(able) version of jsTIfied:
Thanks for keeping me in mind. I had my students open the page in a separate window and as long as they do not close the window or shut the chromebook off they are ok, I called it my 99% solution.

I would recommend going after the Chromebook market itself. I been spent a lot of time attempting to put together list of software that I could give my students that would cover their needs for school. Windows, Linux and Android are easy, Macs getting better in that regard ( with Wabbitemu now on OSX ). But it seems that the machines that are targeted to schools namely iPads and Chromebooks have fewer open source options. I understand the economics of the situation but I have always felt that schools/students have been taken advantage of due to the limited options and required nature of things.
Clicking on keys in jsTIfied doesn't give it focus.
I found a bug. When you don't focus jsTIfied, it won't run until you focus, but startTmr is still running.
Won't run, or won't accept key input?
elfprince13 wrote:
Won't run, or won't accept key input?

It won't run at all, but the timer is still running.
I do have a suggestion. I had spoken with Kerm about this, but I needed to go away, so I don't know what he thinks about it. In the "About jsTIfied", it says how every ASM-command is executed. So I think that it would be possible to save all the executed ASM-commands in a giant list, while running a BASIC-program. If I'm right, running BASIC programs exist of 3 steps: read the line, port to ASM and run that ASM. So if we have that giant list of ASM-commands, would it being possible that someone writes a program that filters out the first 2 steps, so that your result is the pure ASM of the BASIC program? In that way, we don't need Axe Parser or whatever, but only running once a BASIC program, run a second program for filtering out the unnecessary parts, and voilĂ .
Bug report for Mac OSX Chrome version 47.0.2526.106 (64-bit).

Opening the debugger produces a second "screen and keypad" offset from the one rendered, making use of this tool w/ the debugger up a pain. Animated screenshot at the link below. Also not shown, but setting a breakpoint seems to not bring up the debugger when that address reached. Not sure if such a response was desired.
I am unable to export calc rom image because "create J-peg encoded ROM image" will not produce an image
Aaroncolety wrote:
I am unable to export calc rom image because "create J-peg encoded ROM image" will not produce an image
Did you follow the steps listed, including using a computer to generate the image? Which calculator's ROM image did you start with?
specifically how do you use the compute to generate an image. I have tried clicking on that link
how do you do step one"from your computer, upload your .rom image to justified
Aaroncolety wrote:
specifically how do you use the compute to generate an image. I have tried clicking on that link
Did you read the instructions that surround that link? I have replicated them here.
jsTIfied's instructions wrote:
Limitations of Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices mean you cannot load *.rom files to jsTIfied from those devices. To use this graphing calculator emulator on your Apple device, follow these steps:

1. From a computer, upload your *.rom image to jsTIfied
2. From the same computer, click this: Create JPEG-encoded ROM image. Right-click the black-and-white square image that appears, choose "Save As...", and save it to your computer as *.jpg.
3. Use iTunes or iCloud to get the .jpg image onto your iOS 6+ device. Alternatively, email yourself this image, then download it directly from your Apple device, or use the Dropbox App. Caution: Some very large images sent via iTunes or iCloud will result in the image being resized and corrupted! If jsTIfied seems unable to load your JPEG-formatted ROM, try emailing it to yourself instead of using iTunes/iCloud.
4. Open jsTIfied on your Apple device and upload the JPEG in the "Import Calculator ROM Image" section above. Voila!
It's important to note that you need to have a ROM image already in order to do this.
where do i get the rom image from, specifically how do you use the compute to generate an image. I have tried clicking on that link?

I have read those so many times i have them memorized.
Please keep in mind that there is an edit button located on your posts Smile

You'll need to use your computer to dump the ROM from your calc

Then, upload the ROM to jsTIfied on your computer and click the link to generate the image. Send this image to your iPad over Dropbox, iCloud Photo Library, or other means. I do not suggest iMessaging yourself or e-mailing as these services may degrade the image (especially the Mail app on OS X).

Once the image is on your iPad upload it the same way you did the ROM on your computer except select the image.

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