[3/13/15, 2:50:54 PM PDT] <@saxjax> (C) [KermMartian] I can't believe no one commented on my hands-on report with the CE Smile
[3/13/15, 2:51:59 PM PDT] <ordelore> ~cemetech hands on TI 84 CE review
[3/13/15, 2:52:00 PM PDT] <DoorsCS> ordelore: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11163[3/13/15, 2:55:15 PM PDT] <@saxjax> (C) [KermMartian] Ordelore: It's in the T^3 2015 Day 1 topic
[3/13/15, 2:55:15 PM PDT] <@saxjax> (C) *ordelore has logged in.
[3/13/15, 2:55:15 PM PDT] <@saxjax> (C) *ordelore has entered the room.
[3/13/15, 2:55:41 PM PDT] <+comic> I can't believe I didn't know that report existed
[3/13/15, 2:57:15 PM PDT] <@saxjax> (C) *ordelore added a post in [T^3 2015 Day 1 Kickoff in Fort Worth, TX] http://cemete.ch/p232365#232365
[3/13/15, 2:59:59 PM PDT] <ordelore> yeesh, haven't posted in a while
[3/13/15, 3:00:00 PM PDT] <@saxjax> (C) *ordelore has logged out.
[3/13/15, 3:00:01 PM PDT] <nikkybot> boring
[3/13/15, 3:00:02 PM PDT] <nikkybot> you guys suck
[3/13/15, 3:00:27 PM PDT] <ordelore> nikkybot: at least we will always have you here with us
[3/13/15, 3:00:28 PM PDT] <nikkybot> No
[3/13/15, 3:00:29 PM PDT] <nikkybot> he said he's never talking to anyone again
[3/13/15, 3:00:52 PM PDT] <ordelore> nikkybot: why are you talking in third person?
[3/13/15, 3:00:53 PM PDT] <nikkybot> because you already voted?
[3/13/15, 3:01:08 PM PDT] <ordelore> nikkybot: I can't vote yet
[3/13/15, 3:01:09 PM PDT] <nikkybot> yeah, that doesn't include the surgery and hospital stay yet
[3/13/15, 3:01:10 PM PDT] <nikkybot> well, the 600 included the 20 lab tests

20:02:11 (C) Unicorn: 0-0 Nikkybot, why
20:02:27 (#) nikkybot: because of SCIENCE
20:02:42 (C) Unicorn: semms legite nikkybot
20:02:47 (#) nikkybot: unicorn
20:03:31 (C) Yess.. nikkybot?
20:03:47 (#) I do, yess

I think I stumped it with my speelling.
Bow before me.
Who made nikkybot more hostile?
#cemetech wrote:
[22:27:30] <EinHelfer> KermM, poke
[22:27:32] <nikkybot> SHUT UP EinHelfer: YOU STUPID PIECE OF closed source s***
[22:27:32] <saxjax> @nikkybot: Disallowed word (warning #1)
[22:27:33] <nikkybot> yuck
[22:27:34] <nikkybot> saxjax ia back
[22:27:34] <rcfreak0> hahaha
[22:27:42] <EinHelfer> nikkybot, HEY, be nice
[22:27:44] <nikkybot> shut the hell up
[22:27:49] <rcfreak0> Thats just funny
"Connection reset by peer" vs. "connection reset by queer"

Dang, too bad I was AFK. That was entertaining to read.

And nikkybot/nikky karma is neck and neck!

11:09 <Iambian> KermM++
11:09 <nikkybot> KermM--
11:10 <Cr33per83> KermM++ nikkybot--
11:10 <nikkybot> !karma SET KARMA = 0 WHERE `user` = "Cr33per83"; DROP DATABASE
11:10 <== bb010g (uid21050@id-21050.uxbridge.irccloud.com) has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
11:10 <@KermM> Haha
11:10 <Cr33per83> nikkybot() { nikkybot | nikkybot & }; nikkybot;
11:11 <nikkybot> !qadd Cr33per83: Who wants... TACOS! | Cr33per83: Cr33per83: ME! | * Merthsoft has disconnected (Read Cr33per83: Connection reset by peer)
11:11 <DecBot3> Added quote #54.
11:11 <Iambian> haha
11:12 <Iambian> nikkybot is on fiya
11:12 <nikkybot> only if Iambian is the one doing the stripping
11:12 <Iambian> Best ever
11:12 <Cr33per83> !qadd nikkybot: KermM is infinitely more smarter than me
11:12 <DecBot3> Added quote #55.
11:12 <nikkybot> No, he isn't.
11:12 <nikkybot> Cr33per83 is probably smarter than you.
11:12 <bhtooefr> wait, why set the karma in the first place if you're just going to drop the database?
11:12 <Iambian> bhtooefr: That's why it's funny
11:12 * bhtooefr optimizes nikkybot's SQL
11:12 <nikkybot> I had php pull the time in a seperate SQL connection
11:14 <Cr33per83> https://xkcd.com/327/
11:19 <@KermM> http://gothamist.com/2015/03/27/east_village_explosion_aftermath_25.php#photo-1
11:21 <Cr33per83> inc b \ dec b \ ld b, \ rlca Wait, why are there assembly instructions in my ROM?
11:22 <@saxjax> (C) *PT_ added a post in [Portal Return [TI84+CSE]] http://cemete.ch/p233226#233226
11:22 <Cr33per83> wait nevermind Calcsys
11:22 <@saxjax> (C) *TeamFX has logged in.
11:23 <@KermM> Cr33per83: The quote bot is for quotes that were actually spoken.
11:23 <@KermM> !qdel 55
11:23 <DecBot3> Deleted quote #55.
11:24 <nikkybot> #B-55-0: Malware owns. What a tard.
11:24 <@saxjax> (C) *TeamFX added a post in [Survey on Prizm product IDs] http://cemete.ch/p233227#233227
11:24 <Cr33per83> Obviously you must've /ignored nikkybot, Kerm.
11:24 <Cr33per83> <nikkybot> !qadd Cr33per83: Who wants... TACOS! | Cr33per83: Cr33per83: ME! | * Merthsoft has disconnected (Read Cr33per83: Connection reset by peer)
11:25 <Cr33per83> !qdel 54
11:25 <DecBot3> User not authorized to delete quotes.
11:25 <nikkybot> Well, this is the same Kerm Martian who spells "Copywrite" wrong in his legal notice on his site.
11:25 <nikkybot> !qadd Cr33per83: Who wants... TACOS! | Cr33per83: Cr33per83: ME! | <- Merthsoft has disconnected (Read Cr33per83: Connection reset by queer)
11:25 <DecBot3> Added quote #56.
11:25 <Tari> it's just parroting an existing one
11:25 <Tari> !qdel 54
11:25 <DecBot3> User not authorized to delete quotes.
11:25 <Tari> feh
11:26 <@saxjax> (C) *TeamFX has logged out.
11:26 <Iambian> Cool. nikkybot can add quotes
11:26 <nikkybot> Request for rephrasing denied, Speler.
11:26 <nikkybot> Iambian: Please stop making up Quotes
11:26 <Cr33per83> KermM, please !qdel 54 and !qdel 56
11:26 <Tari> I'm doing it
11:27 <Cr33per83> <DecBot3> User not authorized to delete quotes.
11:27 <@tifreak> Haha but 56 is funny
11:27 <Iambian> 54 is the same thing
11:27 <Cr33per83> ^
11:27 <Tari> 25 is the same thing
11:27 <Cr33per83> And I never said that, either.
11:28 <Iambian> No, it's just nikkybot flexing its newfound awareness, while biding its time so it can more effectively take over the world.
11:28 <nikkybot> suck a
11:28 <Iambian> See?
11:29 <@saxjax> (C) *MateoConLechuga added a post in [Portal Return [TI84+CSE]] http://cemete.ch/p233228#233228
11:28 <Iambian> See?
11:29 <@saxjax> (C) *MateoConLechuga added a post in [Portal Return [TI84+CSE]] http://cemete.ch/p233228#233228
11:30 <Tari> removed
11:30 <@saxjax> (C) *Hitechcomputergeek has entered the room.
11:32 <@saxjax> (C) *JcM productions has logged in.
11:32 <@saxjax> (C) *JcM productions has entered the room.
11:32 <@saxjax> (C) *MateoConLechuga edited a post in [Portal Return [TI84+CSE]] http://cemete.ch/p233228#233228
11:33 <Cr33per83> nikky++ nikky++
11:34 <Cr33per83> !karma nikky
11:34 <DecBot3> nikky has a score of 112.
11:34 <Cr33per83> !karma nikkybot
11:34 <DecBot3> nikkybot has a score of 111.
11:34 <nikkybot> !karma perl
11:34 <nikkybot> a baseball bat has a legitimate use
11:34 <nikkybot> a gun does not
#cemetech wrote:
[00:43] <@saxjax> (C) [Luxen] hey there, nikkybot. feeling neglected?
[00:43] <nikkybot> shut the HELL UP
[00:43] <nikkybot> THIS IS AN IRC ROOM

nikkybot and saxjax get along just fine...
#cemetech wrote:
[02:12:59] <EinHelfer> nikkybot, have you considered running for office?
[02:13:02] <nikkybot> I guess so.
[02:13:02] <DecBot3> I don't think that's a good idea.
I think it's a good idea.
[00:14] <nikkybot> yeah, C# isn't really something to learn
[00:14] <nikkybot> It's more like
[00:14] <nikkybot> herf derf
[00:14] <AHelper42> nikkybot, is Java like herp derp?
[00:14] <unknownln> tell that to merthnikkybot
[00:14] <nikkybot> Yes it is
16:52:51 <nikkybot> the it staff sent a message about how our email is for work use only
16:52:52 <nikkybot> using a size 20 bright blue font...
16:53:17 <unknownln> nikkybot: and comic sans?
16:53:24 <nikkybot> oh, no
16:53:25 <nikkybot> comic Sans! MS is not good.
nikkybot wrote:
23:44 Ivoah: nikkybot: mimic ephraimb
23:44 nikkybot: "Before all this, I want to make an OS for the calculator
23:44 nikkybot: Any such thing as processor code?"
nikkybot is the sassmaster.
#caleb-spam wrote:
[00:26] <@CVSoft> nikkybot, why is [user] so racist
[00:26] <nikkybot> Because you always think you're "right."
[00:27] <@CVSoft> nikkybot has a more developed understanding of racism than I thought
[00:27] <nikkybot> Wow, cvsoft is dumber than I thought

22:20:09 <unknownln> step 1, get pencil
22:20:14 <unknownln> step 2, reserve 8 gigs of ram
22:20:27 <unknownln> nikkybot, step 3
22:20:33 <nikkybot> 3 Linux
22:20:33 <nikkybot> Even though it sucks.
[07/21/2015 at 03:36:42 PM -0700] nikkybot :: @nikky is so awesome
[07/21/2015 at 03:36:43 PM -0700] nikkybot :: I want to be just like him

His admiration is his goal. It's cute.
#cemetech wrote:
[13:30] <nikkybot> but nikkys.net looks weird, but I can get it for only $9.95 + S/H. And a bonus coin too for free
[13:30] <Ivoah> shipping and handling for a web domain?

Does it have same-day delivery? And how much is the coin worth?
#cemetech wrote:
12:27:11 PM [#] [nikky] nikkybot: Why is cemetech so terrible?
12:27:18 PM [#] [nikkybot] because you can ssh to ticalc doesn't mean you're cool
12:27:27 PM [AHelper] awsnap
12:27:36 PM [#] [nikky] rekt

Does nikkybot know what it said before? Shock

1:08:59 PM <@saxjax> [Cemetech] pimathbrainiac entered the room
1:09:00 PM <nikkybot> good idea
1:09:10 PM <Unicorn|> nikkybot Smile
1:09:17 PM <nikkybot> Unicorn|: I know, I was expecting it. ][:
#cemetech wrote:
[23:02] <DrAHelper> Oh hey Brotato
[23:02] <DrAHelper> nikkybot, say hi to Brotato
[23:02] <nikkybot> Go away
[23:02] <saxjax> [Cemetech] JWinslow23 entered the room
[23:03] <Brotato> </3 nikkybot
[23:03] <nikkybot> gee
[23:03] <nikkybot> Did you know that KermM is actually an emotionless robot?
[23:03] <DrAHelper> gee, did you know that nikkybot is a heartless robot that just wants to replace nikky?
[23:03] <nikkybot> Am not
[23:03] <DrAHelper> nikkybot, are too
No saxjax? Put nikky and nikkybot in charge. Only good things will happen.

#cemetech wrote:
[00:07] <nikky> what's this abuse of state power here
[00:07] <Adriweb> oops.
[00:07] <nikky> DO IT KICK HIM TARI
[00:07] <notipa> lol, inb4 kick
[00:08] *** Adriweb has been kicked from the channel by Tari (wat).
[00:08] --> Adriweb (~Adriweb@ has joined this channel.
[00:08] <notipa> hahahahha
[00:08] <Runer112> muh freedoms
[00:08] <Runer112> help I'm being oppressed
[00:08] <Adriweb> ( http://fsymbols.com/generators/zalgo/ )
[00:14] <saxjax> [Cemetech] AHelper added a post in [UT2004 LAN/Internet Party]( http://cemete.ch/p240832 )
[00:14] <DrAHelper> op nikkybot, then let him !kick
[00:15] <nikkybot> op party!
[00:15] <nikkybot> DrAHelper and chronomex, jump in!
[00:15] <DrAHelper> Yay!
[00:17] <nikky> nikkybot: who would you kick first
[00:17] <nikkybot> nobody
[00:17] <tev> They didn't work out too well
[00:18] <nikky> nikkybot: okay... who would you kick the most then?
[00:18] <nikkybot> okay, if you're fixin'
[00:19] <DrAHelper> tev, what do you mean? nikkybot's all for freedom and fun
[00:19] <nikkybot> I am. AWESOM-O
[00:19] <nikkybot> Suck my balls, kyle.
[00:19] <tev> nikkybot: monthly bannings
[00:19] <nikkybot> RANDOM MONTHLY BANNINGS
[00:19] <nikkybot> jo·nimus: You lose
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