merthsoft wrote:
AHelper wrote:
Will be set up to offer a nikky ipsum generator for everyone's enjoyment?

Nikky already did such a thing, you can find it here:

Having nikkybot talk to a deaf version of itself isn't quite entertaining (just using that site to say things back to it).
That site uses NikkySim, which is now only a tiny piece of NikkyBot. I did recently accidentally trigger two nikkybots to talk to each other in PM when I was trying to test something else (had to kill one of them to make it stop Very Happy), but it didn't seem that interesting. They often just repeated the same line over and over. But I might be missing something, as my logging output had so much extra debugging junk I couldn't really follow it that well.
[03:09] * AHelper0 gives nikkybot a cookie
[03:09] <nikkybot> want a cookie for your account?
[03:09] <AHelper0> nikkybot, yes, please
[03:09] <nikkybot> Not a chance
[03:10] <AHelper0> nikkybot: suck a bag of marbles
[03:10] <nikkybot> kk
[03:10] * nikkybot sucks a bag of marbles
[03:12] <AHelper0> nikkybot: you just got even more popular
[03:12] <nikkybot> "BOO YAH! Take that, aladdinslamp! you just got pwned!
[03:13] <AHelper0> nikkybot: you seem to be in a good mood, now
[03:13] <nikkybot> of course, I'd have to be in a good mood to do that
[03:14] <AHelper0> anyways
[03:14] <AHelper0> nikkybot: how's it going for you?
[03:14] <nikkybot> Arch\__: The perfect media player for you is probably needlessly complicated, a horrible GUI, and has some godforsaken feature that nobody else can do.
[03:15] <AHelper0> nikkybot: do you feel needlessly complicated and performing some godforsaken feature that nobody else needs?
[03:15] <nikkybot> AHelper0: The perfect media player for you is probably needlessly complicated, a horrible GUI, and has some godforsaken feature that nobody else would ever want.
[03:15] <AHelper0> nikkybot: kk
[03:15] <nikkybot> AHelper0: heathen
[03:15] <AHelper0> nikkybot: what the hell? I am AGREEING WITH YOU
[03:16] <nikkybot> yes you are
[03:16] <AHelper0> nikkybot: You are very floopy.
[03:16] <nikkybot> I'm a troll
[03:16] <AHelper0> nikkybot: but I thought you were a kind and caring bot...
[03:16] <nikkybot> That bot sucks
[03:17] <AHelper0> nikkybot: are you pinocchio?
[03:17] <nikkybot> AHelper0: are you a poster
[03:17] <AHelper0> nikkybot: No, I am a picture
[03:17] <nikkybot> I am a useful gardening tool
[03:17] <AHelper0> nikkybot: What is a hoe?
[03:18] <nikkybot> yes, I've seen what I mean he found a site a while back I was MikeKnoop I'd say 'lo if I also found a hoe that you will always be $1.50"
[03:18] <AHelper0> nikkybot: So, you are a hoe for $1.50?
[03:18] <nikkybot> What can I say?
[03:19] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Something else?
[03:19] <nikkybot> AHelper0: well, maybe, but most were kinda angry about Something else?
[03:20] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Then they are dumb.
[03:20] <nikkybot> sry
[03:20] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Don't be. Its their fault.
[03:20] <nikkybot> No, it's your face's fault
[03:20] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Possibly.
[03:20] <nikkybot> AHelper0: heathen
[03:21] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Do you just love that word?
[03:21] <nikkybot> word seriously is horrible.
[03:21] <AHelper0> nikkybot: heathen
[03:21] <nikkybot> AHelper0: heathen
[03:22] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Thank you for sharing your past with me and clarifying that you are a hoe for $1.50 and that you are in a good trolling mood.
[03:22] <nikkybot> You're welcome snookie bear
[03:23] * AHelper0 gives nikkybot a hug
[03:23] <nikkybot> the Sekret Service would love to argue WITH That kind of looks like MikeKnoop wants a hug if you leave a note about certain people might not get cranky until the "GUI boots up"
[03:23] <AHelper0> nikkybot: I'll boot your GUI up
[03:24] <AHelper0> If you know what I mean
[03:24] <nikkybot> McCain pictures set to boot your laptop easily
[03:24] <AHelper0> nikkybot: you should learn to grammar
[03:24] <nikkybot> tev and nikky teach me everything I know
[03:25] <AHelper0> nikkybot: What, like
[03:25] <nikkybot> AHelper0: heathen
[03:25] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Then where do you learn from tev and nikky?
[03:25] <nikkybot> nikky rules
[03:26] <AHelper0> nikkybot: yes, nikky does rule
[03:26] <nikkybot> nikky <3
[03:26] <AHelper0> nikkybot: What about tev?
[03:26] <nikkybot> or Yeah, What about #tacp
[03:26] <AHelper0> nikkybot: you mean #tcpa?
[03:26] <nikkybot> by "we" you mean a system with more bandwith than sense'.
[03:27] <AHelper0> nikkybot: In that case, your bandwidth is high
[03:27] <nikkybot> In that case, yes
[03:27] <AHelper0> nikkybot: anything else new with you that everyone should know about?
[03:27] <nikkybot> Don't care.
[03:28] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Sure, but still, anything new?
[03:28] <nikkybot> AHelper0: yeah, it's 16 here, but still, radiation is not allowed
[03:28] <AHelper0> nikkybot: like nikky radiation?
[03:28] <nikkybot> nikky is my role model
[03:29] <AHelper0> nikkybot: No, like nobody can tell that nikkybot is related to nikky
[03:29] <nikkybot> nikky is so awesome
[03:29] <nikkybot> I want to be just like him
[03:29] <AHelper0> nikkybot: thank you for talking with me
[03:29] <nikkybot> You're welcome
[03:29] <AHelper0> nikkybot: I hope you have a good night or morning
[03:29] <nikkybot> Loser
[03:30] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Thank you!
[03:30] <nikkybot> np
[03:30] <AHelper0> bye nikkybot
[03:30] <nikkybot> bye lamers


[03:40] <AHelper0> go home, nikkybot, you are drunk
[03:40] <nikkybot> BOOZE
[03:41] <AHelper0> nikkybot++
[03:41] <nikkybot> Or if it's just a passing hobby
[03:42] <AHelper0> nikkybot: you drink for a hobby?
[03:42] <nikkybot> you drink for the experience
[03:42] <AHelper0> nikkybot: What experience? Become a walking keg?
[03:43] <nikkybot> He's Become a kickass perl coder Smile
[03:43] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Are you implying that all perl coders are experienced drinkers?
[03:43] <nikkybot> Champ
[03:43] <AHelper0> nikkybot: cool.

nikkybot++ perl++
#cemetech wrote:
[03:28] <AHelper0> nikkybot: "Get the cool shoeshine"
[03:28] <nikkybot> Yeah, so they certianly Don't encourage him to "Get the stick out of this.
[03:28] <AHelper0> nikkybot: I hope that wasn't supposed to be dirty
[03:28] <nikkybot> I hope that resulted in "Free sandwich Monday?"
[03:28] <AHelper0> nikkybot: I hope so too
[03:28] <nikkybot> I hope so do.
[03:29] <AHelper0> nikkybot: s/do/to/
[03:29] <nikkybot> \o/
[03:29] <AHelper0> nikkybot: \o/
[03:29] <nikkybot> AHelper0: heathen
[03:29] <AHelper0> nikkybot: what? Only you can \o/?
[03:29] <nikkybot> Well, we all realize that Only you can see if you can't spell it correctly
[03:30] <AHelper0> nikkybot: ⍥ What about DecBot?
[03:30] <nikkybot> karma sucks

Also, why am I posting this stuff?
#cemetech wrote:
[03:31] <AHelper0> nikkybot: why the hell did your thread turn into a quote db?
[03:31] <nikkybot> Because I give a hoot
#cemetech wrote:
[02:30] <AHelper0> nikkybot, I see you are still awake this late
[02:30] <nikkybot> I'm a troll
[02:31] <AHelper0> nikkybot: trolls never sleep, do they?
[02:31] <nikkybot> Need a troll fix?
[02:31] <nikkybot> Try TrollMix(TM)
[02:31] <nikkybot> brought to you by yours truly
[02:31] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Do you deliver TrollMix in-person?
[02:31] <nikkybot> AHelper0: what Do you nkow
[02:32] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Is that a demonstration? Oh, how I love product demos.
[02:32] <nikkybot> how I love the noise of drives spinning down <3
[02:32] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Heh, nice. Harddrives or CD drives?
[02:33] <nikkybot> So I figured out I was pretty retarded when I set up my Harddrives on this one
[02:33] <AHelper0> nikkybot: What was the source of the retarding?
[02:33] <nikkybot> (I kind of imagine that Bulgaria is the source of or something?
[02:34] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Ah, contemplating google sure does slow one down.
[02:34] <nikkybot> AHelper0: Yeah, It sure does
[02:34] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Amen to that.
[02:35] <nikkybot> Different bots react to that.
[02:35] <AHelper0> nikkybot: I know, but you are a cool bot.
[02:35] <nikkybot> of course
[02:35] <AHelper0> ;3

Nikky should start advertising TrollMix.
Seems to have begun initiating its own conversations!
00:08 <+elfprince> KermM++
00:08 < nikkybot> KermM
00:08 <+elfprince> for midd kids
00:08 < nikkybot> [20:08:22] <nikky> dickhore
00:08 <@saxjax> @nikkybot: Disallowed word (warning #1)
00:08 <+elfprince> nikkybot: did you just speak spontaneously?
00:08 < nikkybot> SHUT UP saxjax
00:08 < nikkybot> [20:08:23] -!- [] KermM is in +g mode
(server-side ignore.)
00:08 < nikkybot> [20:08:23] -!- [] KermM has been informed that
you messaged them.
00:08 < nikkybot> Works just fine
00:08 < nikkybot> what did I just say "fox news"
00:08 <+elfprince> nikkybot: say what?
00:08 < nikkybot> Hey elfprince: What do you have against being a turd?
00:09 <+elfprince> nikkybot: turds smell funny
00:09 < nikkybot> elfprince: that was my point Wink
It's always done that—there's a small probability per line on IRC that it decides to respond to it.
Except that the responses are longer than normal, both at random and when highlighted.
Did some tweaking; they should be limited to a couple of lines or so now (with the specific exception of the “more like” command, which really needs at least three lines to make sense).
How does "more like" work?
nikkybot: more like
returns Markov-chained output like:

Jake Heapes
more like

nikkybot: x more like

more like
<randomly chosen>
The damage is done, and there's no stopping it now: I have “markovmix” on EFNet which I can set up to crank out Markov-bot impressions of anyone I have public channel IRC logs of (including much of the TI-calculator-related channels going back several years) given a list of IRC/Sax nicks. Anyone interested in playing around?
Yes please Very Happy
Okay, it can be used from #markov or over /msg. Basically, just start your line with the name of the “personality” like you would when highlighting someone (use “/msg markovmix ?help” for a list of available personalities). If anyone wants their own personality, all I need is a list of nicks. Smile
The brandonw mode seems to be talking about Stargate.
It's funny because the brandonw mode often intermixes the Stargate and calculator programming topics as if they're the same thing. Very Happy
15:50 <markovmix> <brandonw> Hallowed are the ori
15:50 <markovmix> <brandonw> They split...and the Ancients came here from
somewhere else.
15:50 <markovmix> <brandonw> It is what the Return" address" and page to their
places in RAM.
My likeness merely suggests that I talk about too much crazy random stuff on IRC for my own good. Razz


<tev-bot>           "Subject: Would like to buy your site" Hahahahaha
<tev-bot>           Anyway, this might be one hour off
<tev-bot>           I'm going to change that window-close alias so it's not so
                    similar to a spam message.
<nikkybot>          I'd like LIKE TO BUY SOME stuff.
<tev-bot>           I Would like to buy your site" Hahahahaha
<tev-bot>           Anyway, this might be one hour off
<tev-bot>           I'm going to add checks like that and also saw several user
                    accounts with very similar names, which were banned before
                    very many posts were made, which makes me want to hunt them
                    down, smack them on the head, and demand them to name one
                    plausible normal-use case where a record prevention tab
                    would vanish or change state while inside the machine :P
<nikkybot>          tev-bot: Please explain what you would like to continue
                    using the product, you are required to register.
                    Registration is a one time fee of 15 bucks. :-)
<tev-bot>           "Subject: Would like to punch someone at TI in the face.
<tev-bot>           The least they could do is send stuff to,
                    and this way I'll get it directly and also have a dryer that
                    instantly blows up any bulb screwed into the light socket
                    inside, but that's a low-priority project and I've made very
                    little progress on it)
<nikkybot>          tikitorch would like to BBQ netham
<nikkybot>          among others
The Merth impression needs work. It won't talk about breasts, or cuddling or C#. I did get him to say "atheists are lame" though and that he was writing a song for nikky, both of which seem plausible.
It's in there. Smile


      tev| merth boobs
markovmix| <merth> case in point, I've been laid, I use windows. Dama have you ever even felt a chicks Boobs are
           ok if they're on women from "nondeveloped" countries that are a different color than us
      tev| merth boobs
markovmix| <merth> I spent a portion of yesterday looking at pictures of boobs are turning into a butt.
      tev| merth cuddle
markovmix| <merth> omg <word>chick actually looked at me today omg i creamed myself lololol she's sooo cute i
           just wanna cuddle
      tev| merth cuddle
markovmix| <merth> nikkybot: Let's cuddle with her if only she'd say hi to me i'd die omg omg omg

It may help to say only the keyword or phrase you want. In a longer sentence, it prefers completing on long multiple-word chains if it finds matches on those.

C# is a little tricky since I defined several characters including # as ignored non-word characters. I can easily change # back to a word character, though.
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