I made a GIF in ImageReady, but it isn't going as fast as I want. Its already at zero delay, so I don't know how to speed it up. I looked it up on Google, and couldn't find a good answer. Can anyone here help me?
If the difference between frames is at the lowest possible already, perhaps you could remove some of the middle frames to speed things up? Also, could you show the image?
I need all the frames I have to make it go smoothly. I'm not on the computer to post it, so I can't right now.
If you set the frame time to 0.06s it should play back quite smoothly and at the same rate in all browsers (a bit over 15 FPS). If you make the frame time too short browsers will substitute your frame time for a longer one and the result will be an animation that plays back at different rates in different browsers.

Don't forget techniques such as squash and stretch (or motion blur, which can be easier to apply with software) can make low-framerate animation appear much more fluid.

Edit: You avatar provides a good example. Compare the following: on the left is your original (0.04s per frame), on the right is one set to 0.06s per frame.

The one on the right plays much faster in IE, even though it has a longer frame time, as the one on the left falls foul of IE's minimum frame time limit.
For what it's worth, the one on the left goes about twice as fast in Firefox, so Firefox is actually listening to the GIF's instructions about the frame time. Wink While we're on the topic, GIMP is a great (free) tool for, among many many other things, creating animated GIFs. You should consider it!
GIMP works fine, and you can edit each frame's time individually. i've never been able to find a way to change properties for multiple layers at once, though, which is annoying. is there a way to do so?
Sadly, I haven't found any way to do it either. Sad I wish there was a way to change the timing on several frames at a time, or the frame combination modes, which I presume is what you mean?
Can you not select multiple frames? That seems an odd omission, Photoshop lets you do so by holding down Ctrl or Shift when clicking around the Frames window.
You can select multiple layers (frames), but GIF frame attributes are applied through the slightly-awkward method of modifying the layer name. However, a new major GIMP version was just released, so it may very well improve GIF creation support.
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