I am absolutely stunned, ashamed, and flabbergasted to note that we have not one single Happy Birthday, Nikky thread around the forum. I am sure you will be thrilled to join me in wishing one of the community's most-loved and highest-regarded programmers, humanitarians, and all-around good guys many happy returns of the day. To start us off, I have procured a cake for this fine gentleman:

Editor's note: Sadly, "Nikky" is a horrible name. I have chosen "Nikki" as a more appropriate substitute.

Make it count Nikky! Smile
Happy Brithday nikky! Your benevolence and compassion are unmatched throughout all of Cemetech.

I couldn't find a cake with your name, so here ya go

Happy birthday!
Word on the street is that Nikky got, among other things, a LEGO moleskine for his birthday, which seems pretty cool to me.
Standard fare of a lovely book for this sir on a fine day.
happy belated birthday, nikky, and my sincerest condolences.
Thanks bros.
I am once again beside myself with excitement to be able to wish the one and only Nikky the happiest of possible birthdays. I am thrilled that he has another year of experience to further season the sage advice and unflaggingly mature attitude that he brings to this illustrious community.
Happy birthday Nikky! Very Happy
Happy birthday, Nikky!
As a gift for you, have a free Google search. You can redeem it at the top-right of this page.
Happy Birthday (might be late)
Happy Birthday Nikky!
Happy Birthday Nikky!
Have a great birthday, Nikky!
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Happy birthday Nikky!
Live long and prosper.
Happy birthday, Nikky! I hear you're going to Ottawa to visit Eeems for your birthday, which should be great fun. I hope it's pleasant.
Happy birthday Nikky!
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