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Kerm's one true love (as far as Minecraft servers go), Evocat.us is still up and running. We are in full 1.2.3 and hosting a whole slew of plugins. Drop by and give us a visit. We're still going strong - just need to get our player base back up to what it was before Mojang hammered us with another major patch. More info has been posted below. See you online Smile

I am indeed one of the administrators on Evocat.us, and I've found it to be great fun. My real-life friend and Evocatus moderator emeritus Elderofmagic first got me involved on this server, after wearing me down for about a year while I claimed I didn't want to try Minecraft because it was a waste of time and also Java. I can safely say that in the nine months since I've had a great time on the server, to which Arcadia threads here on Cemetech are a testament. Evocatus is towns, PvP, and RPG classes, and I heartily encourage you to jump on. Many of us Cemetechians are part of the town Arcadia (the fourth Arcadia since this server first launched), but you're more than welcome to make your own town allied with us or against us!
Hmm.. I really need to get minecraft... Maybe I can convince my mom to let me use my prepaid credit card.. I am 18 now. so it should not be a HUGE deal. Can I get a list of specs needed? My PC can be a bit slow, and is not exactly the top of the line. so I want to make sure I can use it before I buy it. Very Happy
You can try out a demo of the single-player Minecraft for free, I believe, which should give you a good idea of how well it will run on your computer.
Yea I forgot about that. but...... Does it work with Linux? I assume it does. My PC runs a lot cooler and a lot faster with Linux, so I probably wont swap just for minecraft. (Once I get home I can do more seaching...)
Minecraft works just fine on Linux, with both the free, online version and the premium, local version. If you have Sun's version of Java installed on your machine, Minecraft will run happily. I once heard that the OpenJDK implementation of the JRE caused issues, though I'm not sure if Minecraft likes it or not, considering I've never tried it with OpenJDK myself. However, as long as Sun's JRE is installed, you should be fine.
OpenJDK's Java runs minecraft perfectly, excepting that it moves some text around on the updater screen (maybe 10 pixels, still fully readable and only noticeable if you're comparing the two)

Also, make sure you have good 3D drivers.
I think I have good 3D Drivers.. not really sure.. I have an nvidia G210. Would that do it?
It's not a bad card, but since you're running Linux, are you running the NVidia proprietary drivers, which are fairly decent, or the vanilla stock drivers?
I have no idea.. probably stock. I have done nothing special at all. if that answers it. Also, I saw the PC Gamer demo for MC. but it wont work in WINE, and it is .exe only... Is there a LInux version that I cant see? Or should I just find anohter demo..
How about the instructions if you click "all platforms" here?


Just run the jar.
Ah. that would be why.. I only saw the demo on PCgamer.com.. haha. I will try that.
*bump* Arcadia is expanding, but we need more Cemetechians to help us earn the gold for rent and defend us against interlopers! Not to mention we have lots of construction programs going on.
Wait? you have to pay to play on Evocat.us? Or do I understand that wrong?
Aes_Sedia5 wrote:
Wait? you have to pay to play on Evocat.us? Or do I understand that wrong?
Shock Where did you get that from? No, you don't have to pay to play at all.
The only thing you need to pay for is the full version of Minecraft.
souvik1997 wrote:
The only thing you need to pay for is the full version of Minecraft.
Exactly that. If you are talking about my gold comment, I was saying we need town members to help mine for gold, which we trade in for the in-game currency, denarii.
OH. Ok. that makes sense. I thought you meant gold, to like rent the server! That makes sense now.. haha
Aes_Sedia5 wrote:
OH. Ok. that makes sense. I thought you meant gold, to like rent the server! That makes sense now.. haha
No, I would have said "money" in that case. >_<
I am very sad to announce that Evocatus is closing its doors for good. Sad From the server's administrator, Chris "Legionarius":
Today marks the end of our 19 month run. The attack a few days ago combined with an already dwindling population has led me to pull the plug in exasperation - although the timetable was accelerated in error by our hosting company. I had planned to pull the plug next month, but in their haste to process my ticket they read 'the next billing cycle' as meaning I wanted to cancel before the next cycle, not after. So it goes.

I would like to say THANK YOU to a great many of you who supported the server for so long - I had a blast for much of the time I spent on this project. I will always remember the coastal spawn and rofltower pvp of Evo1, and everything that came after. It has been a great joy to administrate this server, more than some of you will ever know. I am pursuing my MBA and have become completely buried in work projects and family obligations, and the story for our other heavy hitters - Marudok, Kerm, Torleik, Mortilent, etc - is much the same. Life has us by the horns right now.

All of the above being said, I would like to close with a few things.

I will make the server files available to those who want them - I would very much like you guys to have access to your schematics, the map, and any other relevant files.
Furthermore, to anyone looking to step up and take my place (start their own server) I would be happy to help you as much as I can by providing key server configs, my time (in limited quantities), and any other resources you would need to get going.
I look forward to playing games with many of you for years to come - whether they be Minecraft, Diablo 3, Day Z, etc. - I'll be around.

So again, a great big thank you to all of you who supported us in these past 19 months - its been a great run, and I look forward to pulling you in to my next project (yes I will likely start another game server in the future, when the opportunity presents itself, so watch for evocat.us to become something else soon). Good luck and may the odds be ev... I mean Winter is comi.... nevermind.

Yours Forever in Minecraft Brodom,

- Legionarius
I spent just about a year of fun on the server, and especially last summer it was a wonderful place for me to build, have fun, and shut out a lot of pain in my life. I hope to some day soon set up a creative Cemetech server, and perhaps I'll see you all there.
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