Please post the invocation parameters for gcc/g++ for your addin. Also, is this the PrizmSDK, libfxcg, etc.?
It's PrizmSDK + libfxcg. Here's what I saw for linking. Compiling went fine.


> sh3eb-elf-gcc bullets.o posnmath.o starvak2.o xpo.o -mb -m4a-nofpu -mhitachi -nostdlib -TC:/Users/Kook/Desktop/TISTUFF/PrizmSDK-0.3/common/prizm.ld -Wl,-static -Wl,-gc-sections -LC:/Users/Kook/Desktop/TISTUFF/PrizmSDK-0.3/lib -lfxcg -lgcc -o C:/Users/Kook/Desktop/TISTUFF/PrizmSDK-0.3/projects/starvak2/starvak2.bin

This is on Windows, by the way.
Maybe I accidentally didn't drop in one or more of the .a files in the /lib folder?
I tried deleting the -nostdlib flag from common/prizm_rules, and saw a bunch of linker errors at _stack_k, _end_k, _main_k, and _exit_k. Apparently, the full error report is really long, and standard library support isn't really finished.
Hey blue_bear94 I'm having the same problem, did you manage to solve it?
You need -lc as a link flag (probably between -lfxcg and -lgcc, otherwise before -lfxcg). You can't remove -nostdlib because that adds other stuff besides -lc which cannot be there.
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