Would you set this as a background?
Yup, this is the coolest thing ever!
 35%  [ 5 ]
NO! What's that hideous thing?
 64%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 14

What am I seeing?

EDIT: Fixed the broken picture (hopefully)
A broken image.
Looks like a permission error to me. You might want to fix that. Wink
I see a thread with a poll attached to it, mentioning something about a picture, and it isn't about the dress.
...I feel slightly cheated Very Happy

You appear to be seeing some unholy mishmash of a bunch of different things, though. That's really all the judgement I can pass on the matter.
You should know my answer...
GAAHHHH! What is that horrible thing?!?
Shock No!
It is beutifeeel. So buetifeeel...
Angelstorm9x3 wrote:
GAAHHHH! What is that horrible thing?!?

It is the rare and graceful ninja cat, bravely riding a fire-breathing unicorn with the most beauty (in Latin: "est stultus").
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