Please post in this topic. You should have received a link to DCS 5.4 Beta 1 via email. If not, PM me.

[::] Fix mem meter issue
[::] Disallow running of MOS progs
[::] Fix Asm/Ion running bug <--I'm aware of this.
[::] Add BASIC error handlers.
[::] Scroll bar not work when trying to go up (The Scroll bar not the /\-\/ buttons)
[::] 'Right Click' (Alpha) WAY too sensitive
[::] Editing New Folder Name Made It Into A File Instaed Of Folder
[::] Making and editing file name always starts with Capital E
[::] No Spaces in Folder Names
[::] When I press 'Move into Folder it just restarts DCS Haven't completed the feature yet
[::] No Way to sort (if that was supposed to happen) Sorting routine embedded
[::] If possible there could be an edit option Sorry, not gonna happen. Smile
I haven't *sad*
don't worry, i didn't get the link via e-mail either - i had to bug Kerm in AIM until he sent it to me Wink
>> <<
Kerm, you sent it to the worng email for me, I don't even know how you go the one you did, please update whatever you used to email to the current address. I know it wasn't this forum because the email is correct here.
Rivereye >> Profile >> E-Mail address
ok, the email in my profile is my current one, it got sent to my old one that I havn't used here (maybe I have on an old version of Cemetech), but not on desinerz-core or for sure
Shock is THAT why the mailing got screwed up? @.@
we need to go to a live chat to talk on this
Confused Why?

shows calcdb2..........===BAD

Is memory meter accurate for all models? how is free mem calculated?

Mouse is better, still a bit fast, variable speeds would be nice.....

Autmatically moved one program into GAMES folder when I created it ?????

after quitting Asm programs all programs disappear, then reappear after I restart DCS

Shows external levels for Mario, AB4

quits in middle of Basic program if error is encountered.

when I try to run Mario, it gives Error 506 but then when I quit i get an error archive)

tried to run ZTris and it reset my RAM, dont let it run MOS programs

Some program names aren't correctly displayed (letters somehow get interpreted as


I hope that list didnt make you depressed.....great work so far
Check out the first post in the topic.
its different then I remember.....
elfprince13 wrote:
its different then I remember.....

Rolling Eyes Silly, I added those in response to your post. Very Happy
ohhh.....I thought you were saying that half my report was stuff already on your list which I hadnt remembered being there....

You probably dont want it detecting level sets or calcdb2 either.
Can't help that. Sad
What's calcdb2?
calcdb2 is for Krlypto (or however it is spelled). Levels should be able to be done, MOS and ION do it
When I was beta testing Nimbus I came across the same problem with calcdb2. You may want to contact them about how to fix it because when I told them they seemed to know about it.
KermMartian wrote:
Can't help that. Sad
What's calcdb2?

MOS doesn't.......there's got to be a way....wait thats cause MOS only detecteds Basic programs with a header...nvm.
Exactly. In order to provide more versatility, I use the "greedy" detection model. MOS uses the "lazy" detection model; ie, finding a minimum of program, whereas DCS finds the maximum possible programs.
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