Arcadia 3.0 is Cemetech's new home in Minecraft on the PvP/PvE server. We're building on the great successes of Arcadia 2.0, a city that had a giant central castle and four outlying districts with houses and other structures. Arcadia 3.0 already has 64 bought plots four days after the server was relaunched on a new, beautiful map, and we need your help mining, building, and fighting! Below please find a sketch of my plans, including the current town area, currently constructed walls, and planned roads, resident plots, and structures. We'll have elevators, ramparts, a 5-plot castle and town vault, a 2-plot Town Hall, a truly massive from gate (which is already 80% complete), and much more! Come join us on the server if you haven't already (I'm known as peredur in Minecraft and am a server mod, so give me a shout if you need any help on the server, Arcadian or not), and if you're already with us, critique the plan below!

I thought the whole plan for the reboot was for 1.8. What happens when that gets released and we build Arcadia 4.0?

Other than that, it looks good. I'll help build around the middle of this week Smile Hopefully it won't be done by then!
I shall claim the spiral staircase, which, if I can get all the supplies, radius (in blocks that is :p), and total height, could take me just around a couple hours. Very Happy
Sonlen, let's finish roads, walls, and castle, then we will expand the infrastructure vertically. Very Happy I finished one piston elevator tower to ground level at great cost to my iron reserves, and I'm quite happy with it, although it needs a few tweaks for reliability. It will also eventually go to the top of the castle, which will tower over everything in its five plots there. The numbered plots are spots where people will be able to put their own houses. I have started demolishing Justin's house because the road needed to go through part of that spot, and Qazz/Justin, I'm sorry to say I found no chest underneath his top chest. If you guys can finish off the walls to a good height and add the buttress-topping stairs and torches, ramparts including torches, "teeth", and wood walkways, that would be awesome. We'll add all the pressure plating under the walls afterwards.
OOoooh, you didn't? Well, in that case, justin has no idea what happened, because he can't find his. It does not matter, I think he didn't know he was building in arcadia, he wasn't there when you all bought plots, so I don't think he knew it was arcadian property he was building on.

As for me, I should come back to minecraft soon, so I will help out with arcadia, but for now I am enjoying being productive Very Happy I demand I get a house near a gate Razz
But... the console says "~Arcadia" when you step onto Arcadian lands, and "~Wilderness" when you leave. Sad All water under the bridge, though. Smile I'm trying to figure out how to get the gate go the whole height of that ravine atm.
Ah, well, justin was actually given "permission" by tcarls to build in the middle of arcadia, he informs me.... tcarls was pretending to be a mod, and justin was probably not paying attention..

meh, I have some time on my hands, might as well check out arcadia Very Happy
Hope you like what you see. Current projects:

1) Getting wall up to full height, finishing buttresses and promenade along the top. This is progressing smoothly.
2) Fix front gate. In progress
3) Decorate front gate area. Just beginning.
4) Build the 5-plot Castle and home plot, including town member (temporary) vaults and the town vault. Not yet started other than the elevator
5) Roads. Comic and Sonlen among others have been helping, still in progress.
6) Personal plot assignments and houses! Not yet done.
Kerm wanted me to post these 2 ideas here.

1) On the elevator, have a second pulse from the sbutton be delayed a few ticks, then sent up the chain; if someone stops due to server lag, this would pick them up and continue them to the top (hopefully).

2) When building a tower with windows (or house, for that matter), put a trap door as the actual window and a stone pressure plate in front of the door. When you're there, the door will be open and you can fire out. But when you step back, it shuts and you're protected from enemy arrows. Works great if you have multiple windows, so you don't get hit from behind.
Good thinking on both of those. The five-plot castle has begun, so move your stuff out of the basement and into your houses as soon as possible, as I'll be protecting the castle to protect the town vault. You'll be welcome to each have your own chest in the town vault, but they'll be guarded so that only mayor/assistants can open them for you. There will also be the town hall with lower-security chests for resident use, as in Arcadia 2. The elevator reaches from 18 to 100 now, and the water drop as well. I made a place for a town map, and I'll soon get you guys more roads and stairs so you don't have to walk all the way around to get from /town spawn to your houses. And if you don't have a plot yet, ask!
I found a nice place to call home in an unowned space in a hilly corner of Arcadia. It seems someone has already explored it to some extent, I just need to make some torches as it looks like they took them as they dug deeper in.

Still thinking about owning a plot, not sure how often I'll be able to get on to upkeep it. :/
As long as you make yourself a decent little house, I think people won't mind. Smile Is it in the valley-ish part or the hillier north end? I'm reserving the north end for now, although you could probably convince me otherwise. Whereabouts on the map in the first post?
NE Corner; -657, -274. Next to TC01's plot.
Ah, that should work fine, as long as you do something awesome with it. Smile I'll assign it the next time we're both on the server.
My "house" will be just 1 story above ground and then as far underground as I can go. However, I hope to gain permission for a defensive tower that *should* make it slightly easier to fend off enemy attacks.

I also think we should leave a plot near the gate open so that people who don't own a house there (and consequently can't get in away from a team raid) can slip in and be secure. I guess this doesn't have to be an entire plot - just a small hut with an airlock-type double door system and an exit to the underground paths.
We're saying layer 56 for now, like Arcadia 2.0, but the limit will likely be lower than that. As far as underground access, everyone is going to be required to have a basement with a subterranean door, and I with you guys' help will be hollowing out tunnels following the paths of the roads, including leading to the castle and possibly even out of Arcadia for safety in wartime.
KermMartian wrote:
Ah, that should work fine, as long as you do something awesome with it. Smile I'll assign it the next time we're both on the server.
Awesome, will it require any upkeep? "Rent?" Whether towards the plot or toward the city.

I'll also be on a majority of tomorrow.
KermMartian wrote:
including leading to the castle and possibly even out of Arcadia for safety in wartime.

Wouldn't this cause a possible security breach into the safe underground catacombs?
those tunnels would most likely be secured I believe
Dontar wrote:
those tunnels would most likely be secured I believe
They would indeed have iron-door airlocks just inside the border at any and all crossings.
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