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What kind of logical operations is it performing, FrozenFire? Looks like solid work to me. Smile
It uses most, if not all, logical operations.Very Happy

Basically how it works is when the button is pressed inside the arena or the 5 minute timer (item on wood pressure plate) expires, it activates a series of T-flip flops, converting the number of times the it receives a signal to a 4 digit binary code. The binary code is then separated out into 16 individual paths and shortened to 2 ticks. It is then multiplied to the paths before it, over a set delay, and each signal is passed on to a main path, causing it to pulse the number of times the button/times has been activated. Increasing 1 pulse per wave, the current is then sent to a few note blocks and dispensers. In summary, the wave/round number equals the total number of times the dispensers are activated.

The funny thing is that a couple weeks ago, I made a contraption that has exactly the same final product, but it only uses a line of normal pistons and repeaters, and produces little to none multiplayer lag.Neutral
I made a house!

The front

Closeup of the signs

Living room




Indoors waterfall


Pool on the roof!

A little farm in back Smile
Beautiful house, Merthsoft! Hope you'll build equally-attractive buildings on our server. Smile With the start of our Minecraft server, here's what happens when your client doesn't feel like loading chunks and you have OreObfuscator installed (full-sized image):

I making a Potions Shop on Rcfreak0's server so far its comming along nicely :3


and yes that's art done with lava :3

So, is this a Wizard? Found in the caves then disappeared after I went exploring and came back to get his coords. He wasn't there when I went back so I didn't log the coords :/
that's a witch, not a wizard. no such thing as a wizard without mods.

as for it disappearing, that is because witches despawn when players aren't around, like most other enemies.
Cows in Spawn! I have actually killed most of them, but I did let some live.
Enderdragons vs. Withers Very Happy

The Withers have won at the end, here is a screenshot from December:

You can see one enderdragon, it's the last of them.
Select images from retro server (1.6 map) in hi-res dynmap mode

Yaaay my pretty house in the desert in the last picture!
I see my house with the water spilling out!
The Cemetech PvE server was a lot of fun to use. Great to see it will be reincarnated.
aww, my floating house above the ocean isnt on there :'(

I hope you can get it working soon, AHelper! congratz on getting this far.
Luxen wrote:
aww, my floating house above the ocean isnt on there :'(

I hope you can get it working soon, AHelper! congratz on getting this far.

Was that the boat-like one floating in the air near comic's island?

Also, some redecorating and updating has been going on.

There is a new path going out of spawn to the west rather than just east (and the water drop).

I have been thinking about the different in map version and current server version. The main issue is that when 1.8.0 rolls around (and even now), this map will not provide new blocks. Shops are one way to do this. Another way would be to have a separate mining world generated upon each new MC version where some new block, mob, or other item not available is added to the world (old worlds removed to keep it fresh). These worlds will be kept small. Good thing about shops are that they were originally planned as there is a building set up and can be added quite easily, problem would be currency (iron/gold/diamond as basis?) and making fair prices.

New lighting methods are planned as well as a self-morphing spawn building.


Possible ideas that may or may not happen:
  • Ability to upon a certain amount of images that will be given to the player in the form of maps
  • Web form for any issues (griefing, log checking, etc.)
the floating boat-like island is indeed my house. funny how you mention that it was near comic's, that was the first thing Kerm said when I was building it.

As for providing new blocks, didnt Kerm just expand the borders in the official cemetech server? or, would that not work in this case?
Well, I would have to setup a 1.6 server because of the difference in map generators. I am stuck with a second world, however I would like to keep all building in the main world.
Some pictures of some things only accessible to Admins.

*cough* me *cough*

I saw the inside of the pumpkin, and it was, well, pumpkin-ey.

"Pillars of the Server"
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