Probably one of my favorite games out there.

Summary in short: Think Hedgewars in real time

Summary in long: It is a multi player side faced shooter. You play as a worm and get crazy weapons ranging from bazookas to holy hand grenades and beyond! The environment is virtually 100% destructible..except for rocks and some houses.

Sreenies they have since I am to lazy to post some

Also its a 74 megabyte download and is ~160 megabytes on the harddrive

And please use the Stable version using different ones makes the servers go crazy ;.;

So who would play??
I would!
Looking threw the Main download again and its missing a lot of the good mods and such. BUT unlike unreal tournament there is a nice mega pack with *ALL* of the mods in it Razz

296 megs

And lets add some more stages any way...dunno if we will use them >.> <.<

And since the Ultimate Level pack is just insanely huge we will just get some basic ones Razz

37 megabytes

If you don't want them just let who ever is hosting (probably me) know and I won't use stuff from the packs.
I remember LieroX, I had some chaotic mods for it...
When you say "Hedgewars but realtime", do you mean that instead of being turn-based that it's a 2D side-scrolling shooter?
Kerm: Yes, that is what it is Smile I had it installed under Ubuntu, but then I... erm... replaced it with Fedora. So as soon as I get it reinstalled, I'll be set to play. I had a fun match with Geekboy before I had to go to dinner last night. Oh, and my brother now has it installed on his computer, so... Yeah.
Sounds like fun, then, if a bit of a massive game based on those numbers. Hopefully one of these evenings when I get my life a bit more in order I'll be able to join you guys for a few matches. Smile
The seconds numbers do not really matter its just for more options the standard ones normally hold out until they feel spammy Razz
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