Thanks everyone!
Happy birthday once again, Merth! What fun things do you have planned today? I hope you receive or get yourself a topical gift or two, like a TI-84 Plus CE. Wink
I already have a CE Smile Today I'm just laying low.
Harpy Berfday Merth!
Happy date of birth Merth! Hope that you do something awesome! Smile
Happy birthday Merth!
Thanks guys Smile
Happy birthday and the 5th anniversary of joining cemetech, Merth!
happy bday Merth
Yay, it's your Merthday once again! Happy birthday, Merth; hope you'll get all the cats.
Happy birthday, Merth!
Happy Birthday, Merth!!!
Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful cake!
Happy birthday Merth! I suggest brownies.(The cake is a lie.)
Happy birthday Merth!
Woo, another year! Happy birthday; and have a great day! Very Happy
Happy birthday, Merth!
Merth, i cannot believe another year passed do quickly, happy birthday again and best wishes ftom me
Happy day of berfs.
Happy B-Day dude!
Dat cake looks delicious... Very Happy
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