Would anyone else want to have about four hours where we all get off IRC, the forum, and other distracting things to work on programs? I know there are a few things I need to work on, and I'm sure others have stuff they want to work on as well. We could also make it interesting by having a small contest (not sure how it would be judged) and make everyone show off their code when they finish. Ideas?
I do that anyway some times Razz
I think this would be an awesome idea! One thing that might be fun is to set specific goals for ourselves at the start of the session, and see how well we succeed in achieving or even surpassing these goals by the end.
I agree, but I wouldn't call IRC and the forum "distracting". Smile
souvik1997 wrote:
I agree, but I wouldn't call IRC and the forum "distracting". Smile
Definitely agreed, thanks. In fact, I think we could use the forum for high-efficiency question-answering in the midst of our power-coding. Smile Would a weekday or weekend be best for this sort of thing?
Everyday? Very Happy Seriously though, weekends would be better for me. Or days like this where I don't really plan on doing anything. I guess I can see the forum and IRC being good for this, but I find it distracting more than anything (In a fun way Very Happy). I'd fine okay with hanging out on the forum to answer questions, though I probably wouldn't be on SAX.
Weekdays wouldn't work for me at all. I'm already at work for 9+ hours, I can't be expected to then code for 4 hours immediately afterward without any of my coveted distractions Smile
I would love to participate except I have irl distractions that add up to be more than online T.T

That being said any day really works for me minus the irl issues xD
I'd bet that a weekend, perhaps a Sunday afternoon, would be the best for everyone? That would give us all a chance to get our schoolwork done on Saturday, perhaps.
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