Killzone 3
Developed by Guerrilla Games
Published by Sony Computer Entertainment
Metascore of 85/100

Short Version of the Story
    The game immediately starts off after the assassination of the Helghast Emperor. The war against the Helghast diminishes into a fight for your survival as the rest of your force (the ISA) have left the planet, Helghan, in retreat. As you progress, your efforts to survive are again turned into a war when the ISA forces return more than six months later.

    By the end of the game you attempting to stop the Helghast from transporting a deadly weapon to Earth.

Personal Opinion
    The game was fantastic, gripping and easy to follow for someone who has never played the first two in the series. Graphics were clean, crisp and well detailed. The sense of scale was also well conveyed, riding up elevators in massively detailed worlds to get a higher vantage on tall, walking machines after the ground forces have been cleared. ISA Forces were down below firing up while myself and other AI's were attacking from above.

    There was some uniqueness to the game. It's the first game I've played that uses the SIXAXIS controller to turn levers and valves, and honestly I think that was it.

    The enemies were diverse in nature, some equipped to run and melee while others were equipped to run and gun. And the lighter Helghast took cover. Enemies, however, didn't utilize their environment. There were power cells in some levels that would explode when shot enough times, as well as fuel barrels; They never once aimed for those.

    The ISA AI bots had bad priorities: if I had been downed by fire they'd drop their position and revive me, even if I was in an open field getting shot at with rockets. Sometimes they'd make it to me while I was behind cover, they rush over to revive me then forgot to do so, taking cover and shooting the Helghast as the scream "Medic is here!" or "Reviving You!" So, that got frustrating.

    The acting within cutscenes was poor and could have been better, but it didn't subtract from the gameplay, the story was still conveyed. At times the game seemed to progress a little fast and weapons seemed planted rather than found: a gun to destroy waves of enemies with a single shot was conveniently placed behind cover in the area rather than on an enemy or in a locker sometime before the area.

    Glitches weren't common but were noticeable. Such as a rock changing shapes infront of you in the forest level as you're sneaking to the Telecom array on a downed ISA vessel. And a grenades sticking to air when in a low gravity environment the Friendly AI freaked and would cover until I cleared the wave or the grenades exploded minutes later.

    Trophies/Achievements pertaining to Campaign events were hidden (meaning you couldn't know what they were before hand) as not to give away the story. The gameplay trophies are both fairly straight forward - such as "Kill 25 Helghast using Brutal Melee," and "Kill 500 Helghast." Some are more abstract - such as "Destroy all the glass panes in the laboratories" and "Kill a lone Helghast with a Mortar Strike." Then there are difficult trophies - such as "Destory everything while using a minigun on the Intruder."

    The accompanying launch-day accessory, Move Sharpshooter is a great addition and makes the game (ideally multiplayer) fun and more immersive, but it doesn't add any simplicity to the game like I thought it would have, and it takes a lot of practice to get down the movement plus aiming, as pointing the gun will either aim or change your direction depending on the dead zone for the motion controller. The sharpshooter is a great accessory to own nevertheless. It will be supported by a host of other games down the road and sets the standard for FPS accessories using the Move Controllers by far.

  • Graphics: 9/10
  • Story: 9/10
  • Gameplay: 9/10
  • Recommended - 3/10

    While the game was at the top of the charts on just about everything here, this isn't a game I'd recommend to someone. I feel much of the hype and past games lead most to add this to a "Must Own" list and everything I've mentioned doesn't make this game a joy to play. When I play a game, I want strategy and choices, whether they kill me or help me. I want the AI to be smart - on both sides - and the kinks worked out.

    While that is my opinion, I still think it's a game you should purchase when the price drops by 20 or 30 dollars.

haha, funny thing, my friend made a commentary/review of it over ^ here. He said mostly positive things if I remember `-`
He seems to be playing the multiplayer, not the single player.

They're two different things which is why I didn't review the multiplayer, I still need to play multiplayer in-depth. And it's entirely plausible that the multiplayer aspect of the game is better than the campaign.
Shooter with not just a controller, but the PS3's controller? That's just begging for a craptastic experience. Killzone 2's controls sucked, are Killzone 3's any better?
MW2 is the only good FPS ever made.
In terms of Campaign? Let's not start mixing campaign with multiplayer experiences.

Kllrnohj wrote:
Shooter with not just a controller, but the PS3's controller? That's just begging for a craptastic experience. Killzone 2's controls sucked, are Killzone 3's any better?
I can't say, I never played KZ2 but at first the weapon zoom button was R3 and I hated that. So I went under controls and modified them as best I could. There's also support for an aforementioned controller, the Move Sharp Shooter, and it's pretty intuitive except some buttons needed to jump (Square) and Triangle (whatever that was for, can't recall using it) weren't where my thumb rested on the accessory.
MW2 had a great campaign. Huge twist that nobody saw coming, and just amazingly well scripted, acted, and rendered.
Heh, I like UT the best...

Comic, yeah, he does, he was mainly reviewing controls and gameplay really, idk why. /me hates multiplayer on ps3 and box live
qazz42 wrote:
....he was mainly reviewing controls and gameplay really, idk why.
Because controls and gameplay make a game easy to play and appealing, respectively. Like how Kllrnohj's post focused on controls, what assignments the buttons have are vital to any game. Gameplay draws people in, if a game has a game type that others would want to play and even new ways to go about the same game types (vehicles, tactics and/or abilities) then that's also an important thing; your friend was reviewing good aspects of the multiplayer experience.

Controls don't vary much on the PC end, but they often do on the console side of things :/
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