We know your life sucks. For the most part, that's true of all of us more often than not every day or week or month. Rant about what's on your mind, the annoyingly boring stuff you're doing at work, the homework assignment of doom that will never end. Hopefully you'll feel a bit better after sharing your woes.
Not really a "why my life sucks" but more of a "why my life has been annoying lately":

Been working with LEGO Mindstorms NXT kits for Intro to Robotics for those who don't know. One of our lab assignments was making a robot that could avoid obstacles by using its ultrasonic sensor to detect things in front of it. Not that hard unless you're dealing with our inane obstacle course. The floor of the course is slanted and the obstacles are about half the height of a standard NXT robot. This is where the problem came in. If you placed the ultrasonic sensor low enough to detect the obstacles, the data would be skewed by sound waves pinging back off the floor. If you placed the sensor high enough to avoid that, you potentially miss the obstacles completely or get skewed data because the sound waves half ping off the obstacles and half fly off into oblivion.... Yeah, that was an annoying lab to "debug".
My homework assignment for Spanish is to write 10 words in English and translate into Spanish 20 times each.

And i can't get Axe to work Sad
I'm pretty optimistic, but if I was to say what was sucking the most for me, it'd be not having enough ideas for things to do. For instance, I rarely ever have any ideas for things to program and even worse am I when it comes to drawing or photo-shopping. So for many days, I just kind of sit in front of the computer, trying to think of something to make, to hone my skills with, in any of those things. It also bugs me that I end up getting side tracked and go to bed at 12-2ish. I'll say to myself that I'm going to bed in 10 minutes, and then someone shows up with something for me to do, and I do that for a long time :/ (and yeah yeah, I know; I should just go straight to bed, not say I'm going to bed in 10 minutes.) Other than that, I've been ok Smile
Wow, those both sounds super-frustrating, Souvik, KeithJohansen. Sad I hope you both are able to solve your problems as painlessly as possible. As far as my problems go, I just took a midterm exam today, but I have a 14-problem problem set due Wednesday for my Algorithms course. The last problem set took about 20 hours all told, while the one before that took closer to 30 hours - and these are weekly assignments on top of four hours of class a week (which is supposed to be 2.5, but he wanted more class to "fit in more material). I'm not going to get to start on the homework until tomorrow afternoon, and I doubt I'll make much headway this week, which leaves me Monday and Tuesday to do it. I also have a long programming lab to do for my Systems class that I'm somewhat stuck on, and I have a meeting at noon tomorrow. In my personal life, my girlfriend is studying abroad for a year; she's been gone for just about 13 weeks and 12 hours. I can't even begins to tell you how depressing and lonely that is. Finally, I'm frustrated that DCS 7.1 keeps getting delayed; I hope I get to push out a beta soon.
That sounds really frustrating Kerm (and Souvik and Keith). Good luck with getting stuff resolved.
In my English class we have a student teacher, still in college that directs the class 1/2 the time. The other 1/2 is when the actual teacher is teaching. At any given time, there is usually only 1 instructor in the room, so what happens while one is away is unknown to the other, and we get homework assignments for each without regarding what the other assigned, or any other teacher for that matter.

It just so happens that I have 4 essays and 4 worksheets to write for the student teacher, 1 very large research paper in MLA format for the regular English teacher, 1 cultural project for my History teacher that must include a tangible handmade item alongside a written report, a packet of homework sheets for math all due Monday (except the MLA paper). Now the worst part is next week we take our quarterly exams.

Not trying to get pity, but come on, is this not crazy?

inb4 bad grammar
I just couldn't word this right.
Tanner, I have an infinitely-overflowing backlog of todo projects and items; I'd love to offload some of them on you the next time you're bored, such as ASM ideas and projects I've never gotten around to. I hope you find a way to feel more productive (and get to sleep earlier).

Fails, that sounds really painful; is there any way you could resolve it? Have you considered telling the professor about the assignments that the student teacher is assigning so they can't coordinate better? Good luck getting all your work done. Sad
I'd be game for trying a few of those. Can you make a topic? Or would you rather Email/PM me the ideas?
KermMartian wrote:

Fails, that sounds really painful; is there any way you could resolve it? Have you considered telling the professor about the assignments that the student teacher is assigning so they can't coordinate better? Good luck getting all your work done. Sad

Thanks Kerm, the whole class has tried telling them to consider what the other assigns, but they just don't give slack, or care about your marks. I'm fine with this, because that is the standard college procedure for ya. I need to get in that state of mind anyways.

As for the projects, I'll get them done eventually, just might need to stay off cemetech, UT, Facebook, and the rest of my communication with the outside world Saturday to get them done. No biggie, the student teacher leaves in December.
Bah, I have to say I have haad roughly 4 projects due this week, thus rendering things like programming unable to be done. What does not help is that the due dates were constantly changing. and it was getting confusing. Also, I an still mad at what TI_Coder did before rage quiting

My life is awesome in every way.
After having two tires blow out on me about a month back, the curse is catching up to me. While cruising through a neighborhood last night I was met with the side of another driver's car who barely missed me, caused me to slide (hit a wet patch in the road, and over-corrected), and hit the curb. It was a neighborhood street so I had minimal space to react, so hitting the curb was my only option since I missed my chance to hit him. Anyway, I hopped to curb popping both my passenger side tires and nearly flattening my driver-side tires.

Because of the impeccable timing (after I got off work, so around 2) I was not in a position to go out and get new tires. So today my friend Nick was too busy to help me get new tires (school and then work immediately after), Mark had to pick up his Dad from the airport (sorry excuse, imo, because last time I checked it doesn't take 8 hours to pick someone up from the airport... I've done it plenty of times >.>), and everyone else who said they'd help me stood me up and made excuses at the last minute.

Needless to say it was a frustrating day! With work at 5pm, my friend Shane picked me up from my house at 2:45 to go grab the wheels off my car. It's a bit scary driving away from your car while the whole passenger side is being held up on jacks. We tugged the wheels about 10-15mi away to the only tire shop around (we're in Dallas.. theres plenty of tire shops around) that carried 15" tires.

By the time we took the tires off, and got up to the shop it was 3:15 and my friend had work at 4. As much of a help he was, he left me at the shop for fear of being late for work. I had to pull teeth to get a ride from there back to my car in order to throw the tires on, fill up the others, get ready for work, and be there by 5. Well, that didn't happen.

At 4:10 my ride had arrived to pick me and my two tires up. The long drive through traffic and school zones left TOA to my car at 4:40, which was no time at all to throw the tires back on, fill them up, get ready for work, and make it to work. I called in for the third time to update my boss that I wouldn't be there until 5:30. Thankfully my boss likes me, unlike the rest of the whole entire staff (practically), and he was very understanding.

When it was all said and done somehow I arrived at 5:45 to work, made $35 on tips at $4.45/hr, so I didn't even go positive for what I paid for the new tires and everything...

On top of that, I think I cracked the front passenger-side cv-joint, and my alignment is way the hell off (try driving straight when your steering wheel is tilted 45* right XD ).

allynfolksjr wrote:
My life is awesome in every way.
stfu, Southerland, your life sucks. Shock
I believe you meant to tell Nikky that "*your life sucks" Smile .

That sounds terrible, Swivelgames; I'm very sorry to hear it. Sad So you had to leave the car where you had hit the curb, right? That sounds like it would be super-stressful, because I would be afraid that something would happen to it while it sat there waiting for me. What's a CV joint? What causes alignment to go off (and how do you fix it?)
KermMartian wrote:
What's a CV joint?

It's where hipsters go to write their CV. Duh.
allynfolksjr wrote:
My life is awesome in every way.

[video cropped for language, link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2YK7pADmWU]
allynfolksjr wrote:
KermMartian wrote:
What's a CV joint?

It's where hipsters go to write their CV. Duh.
Obviously. Also, Wikipedia revealed to me that it's how power gets transmitted to front-/all-wheel-drive cars' front wheels.
The scheduling of DiffEq (corequisite with my classical mechanics class for my physics major) and Machine Architecture conflict, meaning I have to push back completion of my last required CS class by another year, meaning I'll end up being in a very large section next year rather than with my (2) current classmates for Operating Systems.

Also, the music professor teaching my Honors Colloquium is being a poop and not letting me write up the talk I attended on Mathematical Crystallography as one of my 5 required public lectures for the semester.
Here is why my life is currently frustrating. I have to do a presentation for ethics class which isn't so bad. We had to email the professor what our topic was so I did that. My topic was going to be on evercookies. After sending the email I checked the links for the articles to read the following day, and there it was a link to evercookies. Seeing this I emailed the professor with a change in topic. Well, I have classes from 8-12 and have no time to check emails in between. I just got home and checked my email and someone else had submitted the same topic(limewire being shutdown). The instructor had also included in his email that we could split the topic up and work on it together but since I didn't get to check my email I am now sol because I didn't know that I had to meet with the teacher after class. And now I have to find something else of interest before monday.
Lafferjm, sorry to hear it; good luck finding a new topic. Elfprince, what required class is that that you need to push back?
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