Hi, I'm a college student who is passively interested in what my calculator can do. I have a TI-84 Plus CE and love it a lot. Been looking at other calculators though. The Nspire and Ben Heck videos of older calculators (like the 92) make me more intrigued about some of the more advanced/out there calculators.
Not sure entirely how this works as I'm a bit new to forums but, hello!

My name is Impulse, lazy programmer extraordinaire! I recently got my TI-83+ from my parents, as they had it from a while back, and after a while I remembered, "Hey, can't you program on these things?" I've always been interested in programming, and even more so old technology, the challenge of trying to work around the limitations of older hardware captivated me, and I decided to program a bit on it!
First thing I made was a little Collatz Conjecture program, may upload it in a bit, but soon I'm planning to use an Arduino, with a link cable, to connect my calculator to Discord, for fun, of course. (This was before I learned about CALCnet lmao, but I still wanna try without it, for the extra challenge.)

Anyway, I'm happy to be here, and prepare for me to upload quite a few little programs.
Yo I'm John, just introducin myself

So I've been a member for a few months. I came across this site a while back looking to download games. Then I found the Source Coder, and I've been using that to develop games. Before, I always worked on a calculator, and I hardly knew you could just do it on a pc. It is SO much faster now. So I enjoy programming on my TI-84+, which I recently got for my birthday. I used to have a TI-83+, which was pretty good. I am struggling a bit on part of my program I'm working on, so you'll probably see quite a few posts in the next few weeks of new issues I come across.

Anyway, just wanted to meet some of yall, and say hey!
Welcome to Cemetech!

Great to see you guys programming your calculators - be sure to show us what you've been working on in the chat or even create a thread for your project(s) if you want Smile.
Hello, new people! Welcome to Cemetech.

Not sure entirely how this works as I'm a bit new to forums but, hello!
At one point forums were "new"; now I suppose the problem is that they're more old/retro than anything. Think of them as a subreddit with longer-lasting posts and deeper discussions. Wink
Hi everyone! I'm learning C (from Java) with the TI84 Plus Ce and I found this awesome forum while scouring the internet for info. Right now I'm trying to port OneLoneCoder's 3d graphics engine to my calculator (partially successfully).
Hello everyone! I'm Jenny. I came across this forum when I was searching for apps for Ti-83. I was also looking for other advanced calculators instead of this one and learning how to use them more efficiently.
Hello, I am Hamburger317! I joined the Discord server in February and I've regretfully haven't posted on the forums. Other than Reddit I really have had no experience in forums, so forgive me.

I have *some* programming experience in TI-Basic and Python, though I am still a noob at Python. I am decent at TI-Basic, especially when it comes to math and tools, but I tend to struggle at making graphical games. I'm also pretty bad when it comes to optimization. I have 2 TI-84+s, one of them being the Silver Edition, and I love it! The only computer programming experience I have is Python, but I want to learn C++ and other languages since I want to be a programmer in the future.

It is nice to meet you guys! I hope I have an amazing time here!
It's always great to have new Cemetechians arrive.
Python is a pretty good starting point for computer programming; use it as a springboard to learn more advanced languages!
Hi, I'm <undiscosed full name> s/jr/w. I just saw this forum and decided to introduce myself. I had purchased my own CE after seeing my cousin's cool BASIC programs (what I would call primitive now), I got addicted, and two and a half years later, I finally found out about this amazing community! (And downloaded and blew my mind learning about asm XD).

I have little formal programming training, being self-taught in BASIC, but I can do well enough in C, Python, and JavaScript/HTML. I feel like I have exhausted the capabilities of BASIC, and am now programming mainly in ICE.

The SAX chat hates my username, and I occasionally want to do things no sane person wants to do, and I own an 83, an 86, a pathetically ancient 80, and a Casio 9750giii, and the CE mentioned earlier.

I'm excited to join the community and have other people help me as well as help other people.
Hi, I just decided to create an account to help me set up my Cg50 that I am getting in a couple of weeks.
Hello, im making a wireless communication program in python (will make C sometime) for the CE
I am the ghost of s/jr/w. Don't put '/' characters in your username. It breaks the SAX.
I recently started exercising my knowledge of C I learned a few years ago during my sophomore year to make C apps on the TI 84 Plus CE. I initially started out writing stuff in TI-Basic, but got curious as to what you could make if you removed the interpreter from the equation.

Rolling Eyes
I have been Coding around 3 Years on TI-Basic. I also Taught myself to code in Basic and want to learn Axe. I am pretty good a Basic Coding and know my way around the keyboard. And i want to learn C# for Unity. I am in Junior High 8th grade and the only kid who can code in ti basic well.
That’s what I feel like. In 8th grade last year I was coding in TI-BASIC, and everyone else was like, I got this to do multiplication, division, and play Pac-Man. I was programming basic for a while, and then I find Cemetech and it blows my mind.
Hi Cemetechians, I'm LifeEmu. I've been reading posts on Cemetech since a year ago, but havn't get registered until recently.

I play with calculators since 2011, but I didn't own any programmable at that time, All I could do is playing around glitches of my beloved CASIO fx-991ES PLUS(lost 2 years ago).
I got my first programmable in 2018, which is a cheap buggy HP 39gII. I learned programming skills with this puppy.
I got my first TI in 2019, it's a second-handed TI-92 Plus. I installed TIGTC on it and learned the C language.
After that I got addicted to graphing calculators and started to collect calculators like crazy.

I am still learning z80 assembly, m68k assembly and m68k C. I used to program with AXE parser but I almost forget how to do it cuz I havn't program with it for a long time. I know a little about SysRPL and SC62015 assembly, but no useful programs have been finished yet. Speaking of interpreted language, I program in HP-PPL and UserRPL.

I'm working on a nX-U8/100 core emulator for z80, as I want to emulate my beloved CASIO fx-991ES PLUS on my beloved TI calculators. I've been receiving help from Zeroko, calc84maniac, tari and others in SAX chat.

Cemetech is an amazing place where all members discuss and share with others. It's my honor to be a member of this community and I hope someday I can be helpful to others in this community.
I am an amateur casio prizm fx-cg50 developer and a bad English speaker.
Deep inside me there has been fondness for those tiny programmable electronic devices which have a display and lots of keys.
Weeks ago I found this forum then got to know the existence of casio fx-cg50 as well as its potential and openness to programming, and decided to own one.
This is my first programmable calculator besides TI 89 emulator on my phone.
I really have no idea what app to make yet but I am thinking about a Java VM.
So my self introduction concludes.
Here I'd also like to express my gratitude to those who contribute to make the amazing prizm sdk & toolchain, and those who share their knowledge in the wiki or this forum! Salute!

Peace! 加油!
Welcome to the forums to all our recent members! Great to have you aboard Smile.
hello everyone, i'm new
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