@comicIDIOT: I'm referring to adding avatars to posts, to the left of the username.
Ah. I left those out for a few reasons.
  • It'd east up bandwidth on a cellular network, it'd also consume more memory on any already low-memory phones browsing the site.
  • It'd consume too much space on smaller screens to be ideal anyways.
  • You can discern posts from the usernames in bold above each message.
I admint though, there is quite a bit of room left on iDevices but we do have users browsing the forum on smaller screens (and not even Android) so screen real-estate and memory are issues I'd like to avoid until Androids, iPhones & WindowsMobile are the norm. And when BlackBerries get larger screens P:
One thing I was thinking of was perhaps my ISP was changing my IP on every page load, but then I would expect things like gmail to have equal problems. If that turns out to indeed be the case, I will try to come up with a workaround. I have a few ideas.
@comicIDIOT: Ah. In the future, you redirect iPhone/Android/Windows Phone users only to a different page. Just an idea.
Just used it some, a couple things I want to note:

1) Images and long links still make the browser too large. I was wondering if this could help with that.

2) Pop-out SAX doesn't have the device-width meta tag, could that be changed?

3) Could there be a link in each post to go to the top or bottom?

4) It is kind of hard to press some of the links in the footer, could they be made a couple font sizes larger? When you set the viewport meta tag, you can't zoom in to get to the link easier.

Also, good job on the Search part Very Happy Looks good.
Going back to the avatar issue, I agree about leaving them out, because I have a phone on the low end of the spectrum. In fact, I'd be strongly in favor of slowing removing the existing (broken) images like the "New post" image on the newposts page.
KermM: It's plausible, but unlikely. Just go to http://whatismyip.com and refresh a few times while on 3G, if it changes every refresh then you are indeed correct. However, when I'm on 3G and change cellular towers/get a new IP I usually have to sign back in.

@Progbeard. It's an idea. Definitely. Can't say it'll find it's way into C6M but I'll see what can be done.

@_player: I've got the max-width property on images and it's not working. I need to play around to make sure it's at least affecting the image. Pop-out SAX is just a link to regular pop-out sax. There's no TPL for me to edit it to C6M.

I can easily add those top/bottom links, sure Smile Of the page right? I can always adjust the viewport command to allow a user to zoom though I'll just increase the font size for now.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=2.0;">
The above is not adjusted, just to show I can allow zooming P:

There's a topic for bug reports. And requests.
I am not surprised max-width is being ignored as even many browsers including older versions of IE ignore it.
IE should just be assumed to not support anything.

I believe I have max-width in the project area, but I was playing around with it and it might not be there now. Max-width is supported in every browser I've tried.
The projects look great, by the way. Next up on my list to help you is the private projects and the other archives variables. I'll be testing out C6m on my phone a lot tomorrow, so I guess we'll find out if the "entered the room" bug recurs. Smile
KermMartian wrote:
so I guess we'll find out if the "entered the room" bug recurs. Smile
I found out why it wasn't happening for me; I'm a hidden user. But I think we've had members such as Souvik and progbeard on iDevices that didn't experience that issue.
Finally rid the "Reply with Quote," "Edit/Delete this Post" etc links and replaced the text with "Quote," "Edit," etc.

Also, a new approach to restyling the HTML.
Instead of rewriting all the CSS and HTML, I'm going to do it on the exisiting site from the inside in. Work on the elements like posts and such then work on the divs and tables surrounding those. So, any flaws you see should be going away soon. If anything isn't back to normal when I post that the CSS/HTML re-class/id is done, feel free to point it out Smile
Sounds great, thanks for keeping up all the very excellent work, comicIDIOT! When do you need me to test next.
Probably in a few hours. I'm going to keep at it. I'm starting to realize that this may not be 100% done by Sunday because it's hard to know that my changes are working when I have no way of previewing them. All I can do is preview it in Chrome and make sure I'm not breaking the style for everyone else Razz
Just took a look now. Oddly enough, although we're back to solid maroon for the background, there's a single 3-pixel-tall light gray bar across the very bottom of each page.
Oh really? There should be borders around the navigation and new post areas (for your phone, Kerm). Hm, I'll take a look at that.

I'll take that 3-pixel-tall bar as progress Laughing I'll try and see where it's coming from.
comicIDIOT wrote:
Oh really? There should be borders around the navigation and new post areas (for your phone, Kerm). Hm, I'll take a look at that.

I'll take that 3-pixel-tall bar as progress 0x5 I'll try and see where it's coming from.
What happened to the awesome ladderless design that made it look so nice on my phone? Sad
It crashed and burned. I can't figure out why the post boxes aren't contraining to viewport but the thick-border boxes are so I'm redoing it by making each class unique from the inside out on the current C6M so I don't have to swap between two versions.

Also, does anyone know a good browser to test various states of CSS support? I tried looking for a really cheap/old browser or phone emulator (for Kerms' phone) to no avail.
How about old versions of Firefox, such as 1.0.8?

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