Ok since Streetwalrus lacks a Cemetech account, he asked me to cross-post the topic he made on Omni over here (I didn't write it myself, to spare you the Engrish). Technically this was supposed to be posted on December 15th, but we decided to do it now to clear up any misunderstandings that happened in the last two days:

Streetwalrus wrote:
So you guys may have noticed that a few members (including myself) have changed their avatars and signature to a pixel art walrus and the word CodeWalrus. As some have already figured out, these were hints at a new programming group started by Juju, aeTIos, DJ Omnimaga, me and pimath (although he withdrew temporarily and is currently not part of our staff).

I would like to clear things up regarding what CodeWalrus is and what it's not. We are a programming group, that is, a hangout for friends to drive projects together, a label to release our stuff under and a home for said projects to live once they are completed. We do not intend to start a community nor replace Omnimaga or Cemetech as some would fear. A schism in the community is the last thing we want, as we all love the calc programming community as it is currently, and it would make us sad if it was somehow destroyed. The members that were recruited during beta aren't drawn away as they are still as active on Omnimaga and Cemetech.

I also want to clear accusations of stealing code/software to build the site. While it's true that we use a similar forum setup to Omnimaga, all the software we use was not made by the Omnimaga team, except for OmnomIRC whose license allow us to use it freely (besides, Sorunome explicitely allowed us to use it) and the recent posts SMF mod for which we got explicit permission from cooliojazz. Our theme looks similar in layout because it's based on the same default SMF theme as Eeems used for Omni. The smileys are from DJ's backups from when he owned the site, so I don't think there should be a problem with that. If I forgot something here feel free to mention it and I'll give an explanation.

Lastly, we have nothing to do with the Dear Omnimaga petition from a few weeks ago. While we did sign it, the idea to start CodeWalrus dates all the way back from June and we bought the domain in late October.

An effort is undergoing to keep things friendly with the Omnimaga staff, even though it's kind of stalled for now.

Now that the drama material is taken care of, I'm pleased to announce that our group is opening for the public to see on new year, with a few secret projects to discover. These will be cross posted to other sites at the authors' discretion. We already recruited a few members who contributed their creations to the group.

I hope you guys understand that we are not attacking anyone.

Looking forward to January 1st, 2015, and remember the day the walrus started to fly ! Wink

Although to correct his post, there is one emoticon used that is from Omni after I retired from admin, but since it was me who suggested it back then I guess it doesn't really matter.
Sounds cool--I wish you guys well! I tried to sign up for an account the other day, but registration was locked down. I guess I'll have to wait until the 1st Smile And secret new projects are always exciting, since you're part of it, I'm going to hope for a sequel to your Zelda game, but on the CSE Smile
This should be awesome!
merthsoft wrote:
Sounds cool--I wish you guys well! I tried to sign up for an account the other day, but registration was locked down. I guess I'll have to wait until the 1st Smile And secret new projects are always exciting, since you're part of it, I'm going to hope for a sequel to your Zelda game, but on the CSE Smile

You can try again now (registrations were re-enabled again after I made sure that the social login mod was setup properly), but of course you won't be approved until the 1st so I guess it doesn't matter much. And I don't have CSE stuff myself unfortunately because I found HP PPL much easier than xLIBC (other than the lack of proper compiling error messages). Zelda is also out of the question in short terms, as I had other ideas in mind.
Now that December 19th has passed, here is a little update about the site current status, for people who did not have the chance to learn about the plan or people who just signed up and might have been wondering why their forum account is not being approved yet:

-Basically, to sum things up, it is possible to create new forum accounts since December 10th, now that the social login plugin is setup correctly, but since closed-beta is done and that the site opens on January 1st, your account was not approved yet. Don't worry, you were not forgotten nor rejected. An e-mail will be sent upon account approval, assuming you aren't using a fake e-mail address, and activation will not be required.

-The IRC channel (#CodeWalrus), which is merely an hangout for the site users, is already reachable since early December and it was recently made -s on Omninet (so that it shows up in /list), although the Freenode and EFnet channels are still +s.

-The current staff members (who founded the site) are assigned to various sub-membergroups, but every staff member in the member list shows up as "CodeWalrus Staff" by default. Their sub-groups are listed in their profile or in topic view:
* Moderators: aeTIos, Juju, Pimathbrainiac and Streetwalrus
* Forum maintenance: DJ Omnimaga, Juju, Pimathbrainiac and Streetwalrus
* Server maintenance: Juju, Pimathbrainiac and Streetwalrus (I am currently in this group until January 1st)

Server maintenance is self-explanatory, forum maintenance involves managing categories, the theme, modifications and in-board SMF upgrades. Forum maintenance staff also has some limited moderator powers (whatever doesn't involve deletion/banning) and moderators has every moderator privilege. All staff participates in huge administrative or moderator decisions (they only have 24 hours to do so, though, unless stated otherwise), but depending of their positions, they might not necessarily be able to apply the decision.

-The entire site is funded by me (and my music sales) and the URL is obviously the one in my signature (or if you can't see signatures, http://codewalr.us/ )
The site is finally open to public now. This is the video that aired on HCWP during the last three minutes before the countdown timer reached zero, at 12 AM GMT. Smile

On a side note, if you wonder why the site is down during the second half of November, it's due to the staff being unable to afford paying this month's hosting bill (around USD$12 a month, although this month is higher due to being almost two weeks late). On December 1st I should have enough funds of my own to help bringing back CW online (I stopped paying from my own pocket in November 2016 because I am moving town in 5 months and lost everything I saved as a result of two sick leaves from work, one partly caused by PTSD).

In the meantime, you can join the Discord server at https://discord.gg/cuZcfcF and follow the Twitter/FB pages at http://twitter.com/codewalr_us and https://m.facebook.com/CodeWalrusFans/ to stay in touch.
To clarify, are you still one of the administrators of CodeWalrus, or are you advising them now? Who all are the staff (I'm afraid my time has been extremely constrained to participate in the community).
I stopped paying the bills in November 2016 (shortly after starting saving money for my mid-2018 move to a different city). The rest of the staff, as well as donations and site ads are in charge of that ever since. I am still admin although I had to step down during my PTSD, as well as my initial sick leave from work.

The current staff is me, juju, CVSoft, Caleb Hansberry and p2. There was no staff at all from mid-July to early September, which is why the IRC channel was unmoderated during that time.

Anyway someone apparently donated $100 and someone else $12 a few hours ago, so it looks like we're safe now, although it's still unclear if the temporary downtime was permanently prevented or just postponed, since during Summer not a single staff is employed except myself (although I plan to contribute again financially once I moved to downtown Quebec City, unless the move happens directly on July 1st, where moving companies charges up to $300 an hour).

Regarding the topic you linked to, there was a copy on Cemetech as well. Things went much worse a few weeks after that topic was made, but thankfully that real life situation was resolved at least partially (the main remaining problem is that my PTSD has not gone 100% away, but at this point, all I have to do is avoid specific real-life locations that normally triggered it)

I just want to say that, despite all initial precautions, I love CW and there are many talented programmers there.

I do have a few observations/suggestions about CW, all of which are constructive criticism.

1) It seems CW has shifted focus away from programming. (Which isn’t 100% horrible)
2) It seems that there are less and less people there, which may be related to the first observation.
3) I think the community should be a bit more family-friendly, maybe not 100%, but maybe a subforum for not so family-friendly content that is hidden, like the safe-haven one.

Don’t get me wrong, CW is still an amazing place for art, music, and programming, but I think it could be better.
_iPhoenix_ wrote:

3) I think the community should be a bit more family-friendly, maybe not 100%, but maybe a subforum for not so family-friendly content that is hidden, like the safe-haven one.

Looks at the particular WANTED thread on CW (Some may not be able to view as it's a safe haven thread
Yes, I'm an administrator on Codewalrus, and will do my best to keep the non-safe-haven part of the forum family friendly.
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