Sorunome wrote:
But the bad thing is that I just know the zelda for wii... :S
I'm not following how that's relevant. Smile The bottom line is, if you get to step 3 and the top of the page is littered with errors, try a different file.
It won't assemble to me that zelda with DCS SDK.... :S
Good webpage for midis that ususally convert perfecty (mostly 4 channel saxophone quartets without corruption):

These all generally sound good after converting, (try "The Kid", and "Tiger", these are quite good). Good for testing out how MT3 is supposed to work without error.
Thanks very much for sharing, Bendito! I'm not sure what the legality of it is, but perhaps you could share some of the MT3s that you've made with us? How many tracks do you find you need to discard for those songs?
The nice thing about those tracks is that they are all cut and dry 4 channel. I've already converted all of them, but need to just get the tempo adjusted on them. I could put together a pack of all of them in a zip and upload them after tuning them. (which could take awhile). I could also just post a pack of all of the original source midi files asm source. I'll probably get a chunk of it done over Christmas break.
I think it would be better to give people the assembled MT3 files than the raw source code, since if they're looking for mobileTunes files in the first place, they're likely to not be too keen on the .asm -> .8p assembling process. I hope that you do indeed get time during the vacation for this. Smile
with a song ive been trying to compile, the assembler (Assembley Studio 8X) gives me 405 errors. most are noted:
Value Overflows Word.

about 80% of the errors are this.
the rest are labels not defined:

B3, E4, A3, CS4, B1, B2, D3, G2, and a bunch of others i beleive are note values.
Please try using the Doors CS SDK instead. You're probably missing the file (or is it that mobileTunes 3 songs need to assemble correctly.
got, thats why i asked you about it earlyer.

and your compiler gave me different errors:
s0-s9 labels allready defined.

Edit:Would you want me to give the ASM?
LuxenD wrote:
got, thats why i asked you about it earlyer.

and your compiler gave me different errors:
s0-s9 labels allready defined.

Edit:Would you want me to give the ASM?
Yes, please pastebin it.
I have a suggestion for the converter. Can you make it so that we can choose which tracks to use and try to merge?
Tari recently made some much-needed changes to get the mobileTunes Converter working again, but unfortunately, it has been reporting to me that it seems to have bitrotted. The user mentioned that they received a blank grey screen when they uploaded a song, while I, interestingly enough, receive a Content Encoding Error.
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