Probably. Only problem is I would have to understand phpBB's user tables. Hmm, y'know, I actually think I'm going to take your suggestion. Thank you!
What are friends for? Very Happy

I also have another suggestion, take it as it is...

Would it be possible to make buttons like the www, pm, email, icq, etc to have a link to one's author page? And maybe one to calc games...

That is, if you think it is feasible...
Hey, yeah, that would be fairly easy... Surprised
[[Could not connect to the database :: Access denied for user 'cemetech'@'localhost' (using password: NO)]]

That is what I get when I try to see the news...
I know Kerm was messing around with the news database last night...
I kinda figured that, but why put a news item that it has been upgraded, when it don't work? Was that the upgrade? Razz Laughing
Very Happy It worked fine until I made the sidebar upgrade, then the regular part broke Rolling Eyes
uh huh, sure, that is what they all say... Rolling Eyes Laughing

When do you think it will be fixed?
As soon as I figure out why the sidebar is making the index unable to access the database variables...

Edit: fix. Stupid security features. Very Happy
I would say Kerm, if you had your own comp, I would say get xammp, but other wise, there is not a good way to really test your site
One of these days I'm gonna get an old box and make my own server.
No! Then it will be even more horrendously slow!
yeah, in some ways, you are better off with a off site domain. You could still make a server for other purposes. My desktop is basically like a server to my laptop
Ohhhhhkkaaaay, forget that then. I thought this goes normal speed now...?
I am on a wireless router with a cable connection so speed is noticable for all sites. Cemetech does seem to take a little longer to load than other pages. For example clocked as best I can (with stop watch):

Ticalc: 3.2 seconds
Cemetech: 12.2 seconds

I don't know what you can do about it though, and it's not noticable on my computer with direct cable connection.
Huh, interesting.
These are the times for me using my slow dialup:

ticalc: 22 sec
cemetech: 1 min 16 sec
Surprised Why would you use dialup?!
Cuz he a crazy mofo.
Obviously. :S
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