Yeah, I don't get it either... Confused
oh, I was reffering to my problem, all the links are the last bit is) instead of .com/(whatever it should be)
Ah, got it. Yes, that is indeed an issue that will be fixed in Phase 2 of the Big Move.
well, it is annoying
I've noticed it accessing this site from web kiosks in stores.
ok, then you know the probelems
I do. Which is why I hope to fix the problem with my new script.
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Something look wrong with the above?? Rolling Eyes

Also, I have been noticing that the images do not load by themselves on the news section, I have been having to right click and show picture.

On the brix builder news, I didn't know there was supposed to be bullets, but I went ahead and used the image of the bullet that I have stored on my site. Lucky guess, huh? Laughing
OK, almost all of these problems are from the same source: the new system for the toolbar is corrupting my data file for the statistics.
Well, just doing one of my jobs; error reporting...

I have also noticed that my name may appear up to three times in the left bar...
Indeed. Known issue. I'm working as hard as I can to fix it. And I appreciate the reporting, all. Cool
Also, why aren't the dates recorded on the posts? It always says posted XX:XX:XX [P | A]M on . Why?!
interesting, I get the date on posts, oh well
@Jon: Go under profile and change the place where it sayd the "php date() function" and change it to "d M Y h:i:s a" because for some reason phpBB has a character limit here and the default goes over this.
Thank you so much kirb! That was getting pretty annoying.
Yeah, I've never found a way to fix that... Sad
What is up with the info above the nav bar?? Is it for debugging purposes?? Then of course there are the many arror images at the bottom of the screen...
GAH! Yes, I know, that's to help me solve the @#$@#%ing online user problem. I'm working as hard as I can on it. Sad
Just sayin, I was not sure what it was for...

Now that the forum and site use the same templates/css file, wouldn't it be easier to start from scratch on the online users, and see if you have better luck that way?
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