I won't call this a hilarious image, but Chrome was messing up when trying to open Cemetech (ignore IRC):

To answer SM84CE’s question in the IRC log you screenshotted, this and this both contain snippets to do the job.

iBase uses a very elegant code snippet to convert base n to base 10, and I got it from that thread, instead of using my 1500+ byte solution to the same problem Wink
oh hey! thanks! I'll finish up my program later. Thanks!

EDIT: I still need BASE M to BASE N and BASE 10 to BASE N (The routine in the BASIC code fragments page only goes up to 16, and when I add more letters, It doesn't work.)

Post them here
Not exactly hilarious, but still amusing. Kerm had just deleted the account sadesboutique only 3 minutes after it had been registered, then this happened: (read from bottom to top)

I think PT_ will agree with this one:

Saw this on Instagram, hehe Razz
I tried to do a history project, I got this concerning result.

Fortunately that was in the 'books' section of Amazon. Rolling Eyes
_iPhoenix_ wrote:

I like that one Razz I want that shirt Razz

***SM84CE runs
I don't think I've ever posted this, but I found a Graphing Calculator Instruments Plus Ti New Ce Nspire Edition Silver Sealed 84 with an image of an HP 39GS the other day Laughing

Haha! I saw that too a few months ago! I would've reported the product but I don't have an eBay account nor did I agree to their privacy terms at the time so I never made one. I like how they hardly took the effort to try and cover up the calculators real brand. Rolling Eyes
This is literally leet!

Found this hilarious one about Sublime Text:

If this ain’t me Razz
Michael2_3B wrote:
If this ain’t me Razz
You and me both Shock

Found a little professor listed as a TI-80 today🙈 pretty good price for a 1976 edition though Laughing
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