more batman:

I have the odd feeling that someone's posted this somewhere on this site before, but if not, have some "old but gold":

Dogs are easily confused:
Some great photos in The Poke's Guerillas on London Transport gallery:


Edit by Merth: Changed from image to url due to language.
merthsoft wrote:

That is brilliant!
Reminded me of this:
This is kind of long, but pretty funny.
HAHAHAHAHA, that was hilarious.
souvik1997 wrote:

I don't care that your in trouble, because you ran over something sharp, or that your tire is flat. No you can't have my quarter, And please don't repeat yourself.

(I'm a band nerd so yeah.....)
LOL me too.

Answer C, Deffinately.
ben_g wrote:

Answer C, Deffinately.
Seems that whatever web browser your using doesn't have a spell-checker though, so I'd vote that at the least yours is pretty archaic.
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