What Do You Think Of The Idea Of Australia Map?
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I figured out what's wrong with that weird area, I ran into the SAME problem when making WorldStage. In the terrain editor, go to action, and select "Clear Empty". Adjust your brush to the biggest, baddest shape possible, and click over all those weird areas in the water. Then, go to your world editor and shift the water block. Those weird areas should just disappear.
Thank you, Dshiznit, Now the only problem is the blackness
Here it is! Enjoy!

You need to make sure that you don't package the subfolder "Australia" in the ZIP file. Look at the default mod files to see how it should be done.
Lucas W wrote:
Congrats, I look forward to giving it a try! Feel free to submit the zip to the archives here, as well, once you make the change that CyberPrime suggested.
Doesn't matter, as the mod manager doesn't want to launch my map, even if it's like that.
Lucas W wrote:
Doesn't matter, as the mod manager doesn't want to launch my map, even if it's like that.

You also need to make sure all the fields are properly handled.
Lucas W wrote:
Are you asking him which fields he means exactly? Or asking some other question? Come on, more details, elfprince13 is no mind reader.
What does
You also need to make sure all the fields are properly handled.
If you need help, you can use one of my maps as a template for the file structure...
It is like that, maybe it's because it has a heightmap packaged with it?
A heightmap shouldn't have anything to do with it.

If you browse the contents of the zip file, without unzipping, what do does the top level directory look like? Also, can you post the contents of your modinfo, and the actual name of your zip file.
Please, Lucas, if you need help then keep posting. Elfprince asked you for stuff.






NAME: Australia
DESCRIPTION: A map by Lucas
As long as those are tabs between the "NAME:" and the actual name, yea, that looks great. Submit it and I'll make sure it's all good. Then you can submit it to the archives and whatnot.
Well, yes, there are tabs but that's not the problem.

The problem is that when I try to load the map TBG gives an error that it can't find the needed files.

Also, when flying upward, the ground goes all black.

And I have already posted a link with the files.
Alright, I'll look into it tonight and tomorrow and see what I can do.
you need to adjust your fog color and/or sky solid color
Alright; two problems. First problem is that you have all the files in a folder called Australia, which is then zipped. Your file looks like this:

- Australia
  > Data
  > Editor
  > Init.cs
  > Modinfo.txt

when it should be

- Data
- Editor
- Init.cs
- Modinfo.txt

As well, remove everything from init.cs since your not actually executing anything Wink

And thirdly, your main problem with the map seems to be with registering the terrain block.

mods/Australia/data/missions/TBG-Australia.mis (0): Register object failed for object Terrain of class TerrainBlock.
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